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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in the Solar System. Its artificial atmosphere is unable to manage the planet's temperature, so days are extremely hot and nights are extremely cold. Mercury is a penal planet and holds many of the Solar System's worst criminals.  


The economy is entirely managed by the United Earth Coalition. Prisoners produce much of the military's equipment for a pittance. 70% of the UEC military's clothing, weapons, and spare parts are made on Mercury. Any weapons produced on Mercury have the prefix "MA" for "Mercury Arms."  


As a penal colony, the laws are very strict for residents. They are told when to wake up, when to eat, when to shower, and when to sleep. Prisoners can choose jobs, but harder jobs are forcefully given to those who break the rules.  

Major Locations

  • Epoch Penitentiary - The largest and oldest prison on Mercury. It holds many of the Solar System's toughest criminals.


Mercury is entirely human and has prisoners from all over the Solar System. Truly organized crime has a surprisingly light presence, though rumors of smugglers sending military-grade hardware to other planets float around. Many ethnic and national gangs populate the colony.

Owning Organization
United Earth Coalition

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