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Northern Swamp

There is something in these lands, some darkness hiding deep. Forget the swans, forget the swamp, forget the hills with plenty of places for things to hide. There's something worse. Every step we take makes it clearer that some thing of danger is resting here. So we march, but we leave behind this warning. We will do our best to leave behind signs, so follow our traces carefully.
— Sicabe of the Hollowguard

The swamp in the north consist of more than just its bogs, as the hills west of the bogs and the flat area on the east both have soft soil as well. Little is known of the area, except that the old inhabitants stayed clear and kept an eye on the area from their watchtowers.
Northern part of the valley
None right now
Relevant areas/buildings
Relevant Explorer Logs
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We do not know what creatures may reside in these areas, or how safe the ground is from collapsing. The mining village itself may be nothing but a death trap. We strongly recommend to first explore the surface areas, so that no mining exploration can be caught unaware from behind. A pincer attack could lead to needless deaths.


Mining Base
A village located near the foot of the mountains. Here, ores were gathered and guarded, before being shipped towards the rest of the valley. Miners and soldiers would be rotated, so that people stayed there for a long time, then spend a significant time with family. The village itself was prone to collapses due to the soft soil, requiring frequent reinforcement to keep the buildings safe to live in.
Bog Hills
The hills west of the bogs. Despite the many hills which make a line of sight a nightmare, the soil was still weak here and many a rockslide was said to have occurred in the past. The caves here were never to be considered stable, while creatures hiding here would occasionally be found within the mines. This suggests that the caves are somehow connected to the depths underneath the valley.

Swan Bogs
The main bogs, inhabited by several creatures including Swamp Swans, are too unstable to stay at. Yet there seems to be something here, so exploration may be required.
The Depths
The many mines and cave systems underneath the mountains seem to stretch wide, with the old inhabitants never considering them safe. Unfortunately we do need to look for ores here.


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