Homebrew Rules

Healing Potions: Healing potions can be taken as a bonus action   Death Saves: The DM rolls death saves and does not tell the party. If possible they will tell the player who's character is down.   From the Brink: If you drop below 1 HP, take 1 level of exhaustion.   Encumbrance: Not tracked, so long as you can reasonably answer the question "How are you carrying all that" you can take it with you.   Critical Rolls: Critical Successes and failures apply to skill checks. Though they don't mean auto success/failure, you get the best/worst possible outcome.   Spellcasting in Water: Fire spells cast into water produce steam instead of flame, fire damage is halved while underwater. A spellcaster who is proficient in water vehicles can bypass this restriction. Thunder damage is doubled when cast in water.   Resupply: Some items would normally require tracking for every instance. You can instead elect to take a Resupply in town. As long as you spend an amount of money (listed below) every 2 tendays in town stocking up. It is assumed you have enough for normal adventuring.   Resupply Table
Item Expense
Basic Rations 5 gp
Mundane Ammunition 5 sp
Animal Care (Pet) 1 sp
Animal Care (Mount) 2 gp

Banned Section

Banned Spells: Silvery Barbs, Vortex Warp   Banned Backgrounds: Witherbloom Student, Silverquill Student, Quandrix Student, Prismari Student, Lorehold Student Polymorph When turning a person into a beast the beast must make a DC 10+(The monster's CR rounded down, minimum of 1) to keep the last thought the person was thinking of when the transformation took place.  

Class Options

Druid   Improved Wildshape: The duration for your wild shape is now a number of hours equal to your druid level.   Sorcerer   Improved Spellcasting: You do not require a spellcasting focus to cast your sorcerer spells, though you may channel your spellcasting through a focus.   Warlock   Advanced Eldritch Blast: At 2nd level, you learn the Eldritch Blast spell as a cantrip, this doesn't count against your Cantrips Known. In addition, you gain the benefit of one of the following invocations, it does not count against your total number of invocations: Agonizing Blast, Eldritch Spear, Grasp of Hadar, Lance of Lethargy, Repelling Blast. You can choose a second at 7th level, and a third at 13th.