Finger taps

Our truth should be kept secret.
— The original words of the ritual
  Supernatural beings, humans with supernatural abilities, and even some of the people once related to those with abilities all make a gesture that they are not aware of. If they are asked why they do it, they look perplexed for a moment and say that they do indeed do that but that they don’t know why. If the same person is asked again sometime later, they might be able to explain why. But that depends on if the one who asks is already “In the know.”   When any supernatural person living in Urskoga leaves their home, they tap their index finger against their mouth three times.  


The population of common people grew after the town of Urskoga was founded in 1801. The leaders of different supernatural groups started worrying about their secret getting out. If the commoners found out about the supernatural people, they might get hunted again. Like they were in 1672. Commoners turn into monsters when they encounter things they can’t or don’t want to understand.   The adults could keep their mouths shut, but kids and youths have a tendency to tell their friends everything. Even though they knew that they shouldn't. The leaders decided that they needed to find a way to stop the kids and youngsters from talking to people who were not part of the supernatural community.   A ritual was created by the witches to keep the secret of the community safe. The kids were taught that when they wanted to leave the safety of their home or community, they had to place one hand on the door handle before opening the door, tap their lips with the index finger of their free hand six times and think the words: "Our truth should be kept secret.".   For many years this kept the secret safe. But the ritual eventually ended up with only three taps and the words "Truth kept secret". Until now when it's only a cultural habit that few even realize they have.


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