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Cave Squirrels

What was that creature? It looked like a squirrel...
  These squirrels are unique to Urskoga. They are an unknown type of Red Squirrels that are said to have always existed here.  
They aren't often spoken about though, since most people appear to forget them right after they have seen them...  


They look like regular red squirrels but they are paler and people claim that sometimes it looks like their eyes are shining.  

Distribution & Habitat

The cave squirrels, like the name implies, live in the old cave system below Urskoga. This is where they can mainly be found but people have spotted them around town. Very few people know why the creatures leave the caves that they otherwise spend their entire lives in.   The squirrels build nests out of dry dead plants in crevices in the top of the cave walls. They usually live in their nests alone but in colder parts of the cave system several squirrels can share a nest.
Life span
6 years
Conservation Status
They are very rare
Average Height
12 inches
Average Weight
330 g
While the red squirrels coat changes from red to grey during different seasons the Cave squirrels are always pale grey


Ah, Ratatoskr, what can you tell me?
— A visitor to the old parts of The Undergrounds
The cave squirrels eat fungi, berries, and sometimes nuts. Fungi and berries are found in the cave system while nuts can be found in the forest close to the exits of the cave system. The visitors to the caves sometimes also offer nuts to the squirrels.  


Except for the two-legged beings, the Squirrels are the biggest animals in the caves so they have very few threats. However when they leave the cave, for whatever reason they might have, they can encounter pine martens, wildcats, stoats, cats, dogs, owls, and raptors.  


Up to two litters per female is possible and happens during February and June. The kits are born helpless and are taken care of by the female alone for the next 10 weeks until they are weaned and leave to live on their own.


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