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Apotheopathic disaster bastard who lives off SPAM Meat and pond water, devoutly addicted to biting the hand of his lover in crime as he feeds him those.

Lost At Night And...

Born somewhere in the East, allegedly. He speaks English decently but not well enough to make his claims that it's his first language believable. Grew up around a "company" that he never identified more closely and never talks about. He knows how to operate (some) tanks. Somehow ended up in the West, strangely enough at a similar time as the Legion did.   As his company was overwhelmed by enemies, he and his crewmate tried to run away from the fight. He doesn't know what became of any of his comrades. No one knows what became of him, either. His going missing wasn't noticed beyond the total loss of his company.

...Found In The Woods Somewhere

It just so happened that he didn't get far before he was caught by a starving man. Despite not becoming a snack in the literal sense, an unusually deep bond was made between the two strangers. There was a promise of retaliation, a great reward. Yasha didn't see the daylight all that much anymore since. They lost the plot some time ago. He doesn't mind, because night-time makes men say and do frenetic things.  
« Tous nos dieux existent, et ils sont indignes d'être adorés. »
20 y/o last time he checked
5'3''/160cm (he's still growing, shush)

Character Portrait image: by @jittaiken5


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