Year 100 of the Separation

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Wars have plagued Trisad for centuries, reaching back to the days of old when the gods of the world walked the earth. The provinces of Trisad fought amongst themselves and against others, but together, with the power of their elemental mages, were able to overcome even the worst of wars. As the years wound on and the wars ebbed and flowed like the tides, dissent crossed Trisad and its people, until the inevitable could only occur.   The Great War brought with it some of the most deadly battles and the least favorable outcome of any war that had ever been seen in this world. The Walls of Spirad separated the once great realm of Trisad, separating the powers of the elemental mages of old. For nearly eight decades, this wall brought peace and a silence to Trisad that had never been seen, but war would be upon them once again.   The last great war brought death and destruction unseen in Trisad. When the rains came to wash the blood from the world, few remained, and even fewer still were the mages of old. With the war, the magic of the world was erased, removed in droves as the mages that fought for their kingdoms fell in battle. Now, there is no magic for the common people. The remaining mages are bound to their kings, serving purposes unknown. Few remember the days of the mages, but the land of Trisad remembers the touch of magic.
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