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The Village

by RandoScorpio, MidJourney

Separated from the Lost Castle of Pavynia by a moat of mist, a forest full of Carnivorous Plants, thorns of a guardian briar, and now a chasm, is an abandoned village.

Along with the castle this village fell in the initial strike from The Shadow when it possessed the hero Aleksy Cole and the village’s keeper wasn’t able to lock The Door that connected them to The Temple. The Shadow spread from the Door and consumed the village. No one was spared and the Shadow even sent its most capable shadow mage, Vertixio the Magnificent, to make sure the job was completed.

by RandoScorpio, MidJourney
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Spooktober Prompts

This Spooktober bonus article expands on the abandoned village location. This village helped me get through one of the most difficult prompts to incorporate in my story, chasm. It was originally only supposed to fulfil abandoned. It now covers the prompts: thorn, mist, abandon, and chasm.


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