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The Shadow

Darkness Incarnate

The Shadow is a being of darkness and void. It has no remorse and corrupts everything it touches. It isn't known when it first came to the world, but great disasters plagued the land until the Lord of Light rose to power and banished the Shadow into a mirror, this became one of Relics of Light. The Shadow never stopped its attempts at escape and was known to show images to those who looked into its inky depths too long.


It wasn't until the Shadow enticed Aleksy Cole, a hero of light, to break the mirror that the dangers of leaving the mirror uncovered were completely known. Aleksy punched the mirror and the Shadow escaped and possessed the hero. The Shadow then assumed the role of Shadow Lord and built an illusion with dark magic to fool the world into accepting this new regime. The Shadow Lord named himself Alabastor, but it is unknown if this was the Shadow's true name or a twisted joke on its behalf.

With its new freedom the Shadow killed Aleksy's partner and fellow hero before it began to summon unsuitable candidates to the world and send them on futile and dangerous missions.

The Hapless Heroes

The first hero the Shadow summoned was tasked with breaking the mirror further. However, this order shattered the illusion that the Shadow had crafted. So the hero was struck down and the illusion reconstructed. The Shadow learned to be more cunning with its plans to destroy the mirror, and increased its power as the mirror was damaged. It began to make a game of sending heroes to a ruined castle to fight slimes. Most of these poor souls never returned.

It took decades for the Shadow to tire of its games before summoning Rita Winters, a completely unsuitable and unwilling heroine, and sending her with help to collect slime to destroy the mirror's frame and escape completely into the world.

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Spooktober Prompts

This bonus article expands on the character of the main antagonist of Shadows at the Door, The Shadow. It is a nasty creature made of darkness. This bonus article covers the prompts of: shadow, darkness, possess, and escape.

by RandoScorpio, MidJourney


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