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The Doors

by RandoScorpio, MidJourney

The Doors are strange portals. The most important Door connects Pavynia to the multiverse through unknown means. It is used to tear people out of their own world, dimension, and universe and deposit them into Pavynia. This process does change a person, marking them as a hero and linking them to the Portrait, one of the most important Relics in the world.


The Doors were reserved as tools of the Lord of Light to summon heroes and send them quickly across the land of Pavynia when it was in trouble. Heroes were once summoned to stave off wars, solve food shortages, help with global trade disputes, and any other number of diverse global issues. One of the most important jobs of a Hero of Pavynia is to hold back the darkness and keep The Shadow at bay. While heroes are active in the world the door is locked to the multivers, only allowing another summoning when a hero is dead.


Now there is a shadow at the door, as the hero Aleksy Cole fell to the darkness and found himself possessed by the sinister Shadow.


Doors that lead to locations within the world of Pavynia can be locked locally by a keeper. This was done after the Shadow spread its influence through these doors and portals to corrupt the land. The locking of the doors saved a large portion of the world from an immediate takeover, and left the Shadow's Illusion weak and incomplete.

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Spooktober Prompts

This Spooktober bonus article expands on the method of hero summoning in the world of Pavynia. This fulfills the prompts door, lock, and tear.


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