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Rita Winters

by RandoScorpio, Artbreeder

Rita (The Hero) Winters

Summoned from her office job as a secretary, Rita Winters was dragged through The Door by the Shadow Lord. While she is sarcastic and irreverent, she’s also observant and intuitive. Her coworkers were left scrambling and a search party looked for her for months after she vanished. She was declared dead and a beautiful funeral was held for her.


She has long black hair, and light brown eyes. Rita is slight and short, which made choosing a weapon difficult as most things were simply too big for her. Her size has impacted how she behaves, as she’s prone to putting up a false sense of courage.


She is terrified of heights.

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Spooktober Prompts

This Spooktober bonus article expands on the main character, Rita. She was inspired by the prompt vanish.


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