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The Shadow Relics

The Shadow Relics didn't always belong to The Shadow. Originally, they were the Relics of Light, corrupted and seized by the Shadow's greed and ambition. These relics are meant to keep balance in the world and aid the Lord of Light in his duties.

The Portrait

The Portrait is a relic used by the Lord of Light to call forth heroes from different worlds across the multiverse. The Portrait shows the name and image of the heroes to be summoned, once the hero appears in the world their name fades and only their image remains. It is enchanted to show the most current state of the hero, their armour, injuries, if they are in peril, etc. If the Portrait goes dark it means the hero is dead and another will need to be summoned.

There are two heroes in the world at a time and each is represented in the Portrait. The only exception to this is Aleksy Cole who was possessed by the Shadow and his image was made invisible in the portrait. Only one new hero at a time was able to be summoned because of this circumstance. Aleksy's image returned to the Portrait once he was freed from the Shadow's grip.

The Mirror

The Mirror is the Shadow's prision. Designed to keep it bound and unable to spread it's corrupting touch through the world. It was broken by Aleksy after the Shadow tricked him into punching the glass. It was in this moment the Shadow seized control of the hero's body. The Shadow was still unable to touch the mirror due to the magic that drew the Shadow back towards its prison.

When in tact it is usually covered with a protective cloth, in order to prevent the Shadow from showing images to those susceptible to its influence, again.

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This Spooktober bonus article expands on the 'Shadow Relics' in the main story of Shadows at the Door. This article covers the prompts: portrait, mirror, and relic.
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