Nishka in Trash Panda | World Anvil


by RandoScorpio, Artbreeder

An ethereal being Nishka isn’t quite human but neither is he an entity like The Shadow. He is charged with guarding the light in Pavynia, summoning heroes to aid the world, and keeping watch over the Relics. Nishka is just as trapped within the illusion crafted by the Shadow, until it is shattered when the Shadow is thrown out of Aleksy’s body.


Nishka is tall and willowy, he has long white hair and violet eyes. He moves with grace and a fluidity that speaks of an otherworldly origin. Nishka is unsure of where he came from but he has no memories from anywhere other than Pavynia. He also cannot determine his own age, assuming he will only age if the Light deems it necessary.

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Spooktober Prompts

This Spooktober bonus article expands on the character of Nishka. His profile doesn't fulfill any prompts but he was needed for the story.


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