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Lost Castle of Pavynia

by RandoScorpio, MidJourney

This castle was thrown into ruin when The Shadow began to take over Pavynia. It was among the first areas seized by the Shadow as the keeper of the local Door was unable to lock it fast enough. Because of this, the name of the lord of this castle and the nearby village are lost.


The castle was quickly overrun by vegetation and monsters, most notably the Green Slimes. These slimes aren’t terribly strong as far as monsters go, but their destructive ooze has been eating away at the integrity of the castle.


Heroes summoned by the Shadow have been sent to the castle to hunt the slimes, collect treasures from the dilapidated treasury rooms, or to complete any other number of mundane quests. Not many made it back and the castle is now their final resting place.


As the years went by and the castle was steeped in the unfortunate deaths of heroes the spirits began to accumulate and come together to complete a single goal: keep the next hero alive. Simply put, these heroes now haunt the halls of this ruined castle with their unquiet presence, and howling cries.


These spirits weren’t initially successful, but as the number of dead heroes grew so to did their power as spectral beings. Eventually they were able to worm their way into the mind of Rita Winters and whisper warnings to her.

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Spooktober Prompts

This Spooktober bonus article expands on the castle location. It was designed with the purpose to fulfill as many prompts as I could with it. So it uses the prompts: ruin, whisper, unquiet, spirit, haunt, and howl.


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