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Aleksy Cole

by RandoScorpio, Artbreeder

Aleksy was summoned as a hero about ten years before Rita. He was tricked by The Shadow into breaking the Mirror, one of the Relics of Light, thus releasing the darkness and opening himself up to being possessed. Luckily for him, being lost in the abyss of the Shadow meant that he didn't age or seem to feel time passing in his mind.


Aleksy is what you would think of when you draw a mental image of a hero, a tall, broadly built man with handsome features and a bright personality. Little is known about the world Aleksy came from, but it similar to Pavynia as he doesn’t remember things like electricity or flush toilets, but magic is familiar.

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Spooktober Prompts

This Spooktober bonus article expands on the character of Aleksy Cole. His profile doesn't fulfill any prompts but he was needed for the story.


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