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The World of Transola

Combined Article By SparkyTheSec0nd, Blocky & TimePixel
The World that is Transola is a large one, a medieval fantasy themed world. It is filled with many nations, some with deep hatred for one another, and others allies that would stand together despite the odds. There are four large continents that make up the greatest part of this worlds landmass. They are Fiedon, Rienonia, Anzor and Vamora.   Each of these continents contain within many stories, be tragic or romantic or perhaps even comedic. Thousands of years of history have moulded the people that live on these continents into the very land itself. War is common to so many of these peoples, there have all lost someone or something to the greed of the wealthy and yet it continues on as it always has and always will. War it seems, follows these people like a plague in the wind.   The year is 1457EC (Echodian Calendar) and the world is in yet another period of total war. In Fiedon, Echodia and Asray continue their age old rivalry, Clueland has invaded Nagafalien land and the men of the Far North have increased their raids against the southern nations. In Anzor the nation of Selangor has declared war against it's neighbours in Anium and Culbao which has begun one of the largest wars the continent has seen. In Rienonia the situation is less dire, mainly a small struggle between three of the nations that live there over a piece of land situated right between the three. War is likely but it has not yet occurred, but some say it is only a matter of time...

  Calendar Systems:

Most nations of Transola have different calendar systems, most of which begin from the first year of their existence. Due to the large variety of different systems, problems have often begun between nations who have different dates and so confuse one day for another. Some of the most powerful nations of Transola have been able to force their own calendars upon the people of this world, much to the dislike of many.   (Out of Universe) The Echodian Calendar system is the basic system of calendar. This is primarily due to it being the first created, and Echodia has the most content overall currently. In future we may change it to a different calendar system but for now and quite possibly forever, the Echodian Calendar will last as the basic calendar system. Also all dates are using the dd/mm/yyyy format as all our authors are based in Australia.   If you have anything that you believe could improve our current system of calendar make sure to send a comment and tell us all about it!  


So what? Can you cast fireballs out of your eyes now?
Magic throughout Transola is exceedingly rare. In fact their are very few documented cases of magic at all, and even then it might just be a few small abilities. Very rarely has a magic user changed the course of history and even then they are minor events. Many throughout the world believe Magic to be nothing but folklore and legend, myths told throughout history. And while some may be mere myths others do take their stories from true events however exaggerated they may be.   Because of the rarity of Magic, the exact abilities Magic users seem to have are unknown to all but themselves. Mages in folklore and myths are often depicted as being able to cast fireballs and heal themselves and allies using their powers, but many scholars agree this is almost certainly over exaggerated. The few mages known to us are known for their ability to slightly enhance their speed and strength although a few outliers exist.   The cause of Magic is another mystery entirely. The most popular theory is that it is simply a random genetic trait, although even then it is only supported by the majority of scholars because there is little else known. A very controversial scholar by the name Andian Gleben believed it to be a unintentional result of the destruction of the Stone of Creation, which isn't even believed to be any sort of special stone by most scholars in the first place. His reasoning for believing this theory is unknown, and it may be he was simply looking for an answer other than it being a genetic trait. In any case scholars to this day still search for more evidence regarding magic in this world, a perhaps futile search.


On Fiedon: Fiedon is primarily split between three different major religions, the Church of the Ten being the largest. Each plays a major hand in the continent's endless conflict and have a deep hatred of one another. They are...  
CHURCH OF THE TEN   The Church of the Ten is the largest of the three major religions. The name is often confusing for many foreigners, while the followers of this religion do pray to 10 gods, there are also many, many more. In fact thousands of Gods exist, some for the most tiny of things, each have their devout followers and some have a deep hatred of one another. This has even led to wars between nations.
FAITH OF ODETH   Those who follow this faith worship a singular god by the name Odeth, he controls all, the seas, the mountains, the very world as well as every living thing on the face of the world. Unlike the Church of the Ten, The Faith of Odeth is a very unified religion without much inner conflict. They are however, much smaller and weaker than the Church of the Ten and so the Church of the Ten often almost bullies the Faith into doing their own bidding.
CULT OF TABATHA   The most secretive of all the major religions, the Cult of Tabatha is a religion of unknown size that has spread throughout much of Fiedon. There is little known to the general populace as to their final goals or how they will go about achieving this. They worship the cat god Tabatha who they consider to be all powerful.


By Order of Size:   Anzor (Blocky) - Anzor is a very bizarre continent: A group of cult-like ex-mercenaries, a dystopian nation, a desert wasteland, and a tourist attraction. For many modern years Anzor had been ruled by Kabangnal, and after years of Kabangnal ruling, Anzor split. The war zone that Anzor has become is, currently, not very hospitable what with the Selanngor war. But despite that the beaches throughout the south west are pretty great! And if a battle is wanted, the Selangor-Culbao border is a majestic place for that!   Fiedon (SparkyTheSec0nd) - The 2nd largest continent of Transola. Fiedon is a densely populated landmass with many millions of residents that each call it home. The continent is well known for its militaristic powerhouses, including both the Kingdom of Echodia and the Archduchy of Asray who are both fierce rivals of one-another. Once the continent was united under a single Empire, much like Anzor, Tennax ruled for hundreds if not thousands of years. It took a massive continent wide resistance to pull apart the Empire, and even then the Empire of Tennax would continue its existence for many years, fighting against their former subjects. Eventually though, the empire would completely collapse and their final cities were either captured or simply burned, their inhabitants enslaved. Now only shadows remain of one of the most powerful of all empires to ever exist upon our world.   Vamora (TimePixel) - The second smallest continent in all of Transola, this is a nearly completely deserted area, with less than a few thousand people populating it as a whole. It has tiny fishing villages and trading docks along the coastlines of the two countries inside it, but those may have been the most advanced societal towns there - everything else has been deserted or left in ruins.   Rienonia (SparkyTheSec0nd) - The smallest continent, Rienonia is a continent of only a few nations, although they constantly battle for control. Much of the continent has remained a stalemate for hundreds if not thousands of years. One of the only times this stalemate was broken was when Tennaxian troops arrived in the continent and were then bought by the people of Falkor's Bay, this bought an end to the stalemate, but for only so long as their rivals could buy off other groups within the Tennaxian army. As of the current day, the main Kingdoms of this continent have been in a sort of Cold War, gaining new allies across the seas and building their forces for the coming storm.    

Authors Notes

First of all we would like to thank each and every one of you who reads this for checking out our World! It is an absolute blast, and World Anvil is an amazing platform. This World was originally created by I (SparkyTheSec0nd), I was soon joined by a friend of mine Blocky, and then after that another, TimePixel. This world of ours has around 30000 words of writing so far! And while the amount of our published wordcount is likely much lower we still all hope you take the time to read the small (especially by comparison of other worlds on World Anvil, my god) amount of words. Know that we are working at much as possible to continue to create this world, all comments are much appreciated as well. I would like to thank all of you for your time that you spent reading this world, we hope you continue to come and read what we write!   Thanks!
It shall not be known in our history, that we men of Fiedon stood idly by, while the continent fell to these invaders.
-Tennaxian Soldier, Unknown Date
Years (Different Calendars)
  • 1457EC (Echodian Calendar)
  • (Karnellion Calendar)
  • (Asrayian Calendar)
  • (Cluelandish Calendar)
  • (Nagafalien and Wulthern Calendar)
  • (Kasirian-Arayian Calendar)
  • (United Kabangal Calendar)
  • 3678 (Tennaxian Calendar)
  • (Placeholder)


  Archduchy of Asray
Archduchy of Asray
Organization | Dec 25, 2019
  City State of Wulther
City State of Wulther
Organization | Jan 3, 2020
The richest city on Fiedon. Wulther is well known for its alternative name of The Gold Built City, which came about due to the cities origins. There is little else to be said of this City State, other than that it is rich, and not just with gold...   Clan of Selangor
Clan of Selangor
Organization | Apr 22, 2020
  Kingdom of Clueland
Kingdom of Clueland
Organization | Sep 11, 2020
  Kingdom of Culbao
Kingdom of Culbao
Organization | May 3, 2020
  Kingdom of Echodia
Kingdom of Echodia
Organization | Sep 29, 2020

The Kingdom of Echodia is one of many nations on Fiedon, it is perhaps the most powerful of them all

One of the largest and most powerful nations on the continent of Fiedon. Echodians are very militaristic people by nature and their armies could trample any in the world, and yet they are so often held back by their enemies, who roam around them in countless numbers...   Kingdom of Karnel
Kingdom of Karnel
Organization | Sep 12, 2020
  Kingdom of Napolei     Nagafalien Republic
Nagafalian Rebublic
Organization | Apr 29, 2019
  Republic of Araya
Republic of Araya
Organization | May 24, 2020
The oldest nation on Transola, Araya is a maritime republic that is well renowned for their trade, although their navy is also one of the most powerful on the planet. The nation is much more culturally linked to Fiedon although they have often had and have dealings beyond.

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