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And there they were, not moving or showing any emotion, always in the background. A terrifying sight they were to behold, if you were unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of their spears or perhaps their steel swords that wavered always around their waist. They stood there in that chamber, ready to come to the King's Defence, whenever that may be...
-From Wilmar's Travels (pg.87)
The Kingsguard, are as the name would suggest the Echodian King's personal bodyguards, they are a formidable batch of some of the most talented soldiers the Echodian army has known. They guard both the palace and its outer courtyard, where a hundred of them protect the King from any danger. They have also been known to escort various politicians of various powers, sometimes as a show of power, and other times as good will.   In the current day they are lead by Captain William Kane, as Kane is also the Commanding Officer of the Blades of Impotus the two units have almost merged their duties as guards for the King, and while the Guard still retain the privilege of guarding the King himself, the Blades of Impotus now guard much of the courtyard, save the main entrance itself which is always protected by 4 King's Guardsmen. While there has always been grumbling amongst both units as to this current situation, the Guard and the Blade often get along well enough, helped mostly by their shared commander.  

Subsidiary Guard Groups

Each member of the Royal Family has their own personal guard, each member of which has undergone the same training as that of the Kingsguard. Each subgroup is distinguished by a separate crest on the guard's uniform.    The family members closest to the king (children, spouses and siblings) are usually the ones with the largest guard forces.



405 Men
  • 1 Captain of the Guard
  • 4 Lieutenant Captains
  • 400 King's Guard


Officers:   Weapons:
  • Single Steel Sword
  • Single Shield
  • Multiple Throwing Daggers
  • Steel Armour
Normal Soldiers:   Weapons:
  • Single Steel Sword
  • Single Steel Pointed Spear
  • Single Shield
  • Steel Armour


1 Captain   Commands the entire unit, currently held by William Kane   4 Lieutenant Captains   Each command 1/4 of the unit, report to the captain, one Lieutenant Captain will be on duty at a time.   400 King's Guards   The main force of the King's guard are their soldiers, each 100 report to their assigned Lieutenant Captain who then reports to the Captain of the Guard.


In 9EC tragedy struck the Kingdom of Echodia, its King, Lynch I was assassinated deep into the Ruzina forest. In response his successor, King Lynch II created the King's Guard to protect the King from any danger. The very first Captain of the King's Guard was Ingmar, a previous accomplice of the King and he would personally induct several dozen of the first King's Guard into its ranks. He is also responsible for the Guard's ranking system and the training system that all King's Guard must pass.   Through history they have only been entirely destroyed once, when the Echodian Civil War began. The King's Guard held the palace for as long as they could but eventually, through a mix of surprise and numbers, the Fasadaeian Honor Guard managed to cut them all down. Every single soldier stood his ground and fought to the end and as such, is one of the only examples of a unit with a 100% mortality rate in a battle. Immediantly after the battle the next Kings of the Lynch Dynasty rebuilt the King's Guard back to their former glory.   Since then the King's Guard have turned into the most respected unit of the Echodian Military, of whom they are technically a part. They have saved the King many times and will likely continue to exist for the foreseeable future. They are lead by Captain William Kane, a close friend of the King and the brother to the current Queen. He is well liked by his men and is considered one of the Guard's greatest Captains. Kane is also the main reason the Blades of Impotus now join the King's Guard in many of its duties, which has been met with both positive and negative opinions by members of both units, although in general the two units seem to get along well enough.

Historical loyalties

And do you, you soldier of the King of Echodia, swear your life to his protection?   I do   Then I pronounce you formally as a soldier of the King's Guard, may your strength bring Echodia new triumphs.
-Excerpt from King's Guard Oath
    The King's Guard has always been loyal to the Echodian King. They will stop at nothing to protect any member of the Lynch Family and will even die if necessary. Nothing shows this greater than the Battle for Ansular in the opening of the Echodian Civil War, when the Guard fought to the last man to protect the King and were only beaten by surprise and numbers rather than skill with the sword.
Kings Guard (2).jpg
Emblem of the King's Guard
By SparkyTheSec0nd

For The King

Overall training Level
Ranks & Titles

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