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Kingdom of Echodia

Echodia is one of the largest of the countries that made up the former Tennaxian Empire, it was perhaps one of the greatest advocates for the independence of the different territories. For decades it battled within the borders of the empire until at last Echodia grew the strength and courage under the first king, Lynch I, to finally declare their long desired independence from what they viewed as a tyrannical empire.   It now is perhaps one of the most powerful nations that rules the world of Transola. It is a militaristic powerhouse, with an economy to match many of its neighbours. Most wars fought on this continent are at least in some way related to Echodian aggression. For this much of the continent hate them, most notably Asray and Araya, two of Echodia's biggest rivals that have constantly fought with Echodian armies all through the continent and also on the seas and oceans that stretch across our world.  
Ah yes, the Kingdom of Echodia. Whose armies ravage our world and slaughter our people. Whose people abuse and defile our monuments. Whose very existence is an affront to the good peoples of Fiedon. We will do whatever is in our power, to stop their approaching tide...
-Archduke Jaredr
    Echodia's power has only grown as their influence in Karnel has increased, pressing on Asray's southern border, which they have understandably taken very seriously, as thousands of Asray's troops move to engage the Echodian's own soldiers. Needless to say, the world will be watching the coming battles closely for this war could very well change the entire political landscape.   War is upon them, time will only tell what fate will fall upon the Kingdom...


King of Echodia   The King is the highest level of Echodian society. Residing in The Royal Palace of Ansular, the King is the most powerful person in all of Echodia. The Kings of Echodia are almost always descended from The Lynch Family, whose founder (King Lynch I) became the very first King of an independent Echodia. The current King is Greshan III, who is also of the Lynch Family.      Echodian Lord   Below the King (and the rest of Echodian Royalty) are the 10 Lords of Echodia. Each ones controls their own Lordships, large territories that make up the Kingdom of Echodia. Some of the largest and most powerful of these Lordships could very well be Kingdoms in their own right, such is the power of Echodia.   Echodian Count   The Count is the level below the Lord, they make up the castles and cities of Echodia, each swears fealty to their Lord, whose Lordship is made up of many counts. As with Lords, several counts are much more powerful than others, generally those with the control of large cities and in the territory of an already powerful Lord.



  A few dozen years before 0EC, the emperor of Tennax at the time Aneeoi II found himself under constant battle with the tribes that make up much of southern modern day Echodia. In order to rectify this threat his advisers believed that the creation of a new proxy state in the south, led by its own 'high lord' in order to better coordinate the defence of the realm. It was also decided that the capital of this new found proxy Kingdom would be Grafold where the 'high lord' would reside.   It wasn't long after that the kingdom was officially created and left to the rule of High Lord Trenth, who is whom the house of Lynch ascended from. His early rule was one of constant struggle and mismanagement. For while the Tennaxians had given him an army, they had also given him a multicultural land that fought against each other constantly. As well as his own people he also had to worry about the tribes of the south of which the kingdom had been originally created to fight. His only safe haven was with the Tennaxian armies that safe guarded his rule.   Late into his reign Trenth was finally was able to make substantial progress, the Tennaxian armies in conjunction with the newly formed Echodian forces streamed into the tribes forcing them to come under the banner of Echodia giving it even more territory. On the home front the people gradually began to assimilate into a new combined culture which gave them less reasons to fight one-another.   Soon however, Treneth finally fell to the illness of age, leaving his kingdom to his son Renen who would become the grandfather of King Lynch I. Renen was quick to complete his father's conquests leaving in the tribes wake new found laws to govern the region and allow for some sort of stability. It would seen Emperor Aneeoi's advisors were correct in their assumption that a new kingdom would do the empire good, but they were soon mistaken.   For during the long years that Renen held together the kingdom there many raids by peoples from across the Cthillian Ocean, on one such occurrence a massive host smashed every Echodian force brought to battle. It was then that Renen called upon his liege for any assistance, but surprisingly Aneeoi refused.   Now the Echodians had a true threat on their hands, a invasion by a foreign force was something they had never experienced before, but there were some who rose up. These were the founders of the idea of independence from Tennax, with the people's help they at last expelled the raiders from Echodia, and with the raiders gone the idea of independence quickly became widespread.   Not long after the invasion, Renen was found murdered in his quarters with a knife embedded within his chest, carrying a simple crest of a crown. Renen's son became the new high lord, but unlike Renen, he was a great supporter of the idea of independence from Tennax. His name was Karlne, and he hated Tennax with a passion, a passion he would pass upon to his son.   Frederick Lynch as he was known then, was a young man. For years he as well as his father worked to halt the Tennaxians at every turn. Echodian men never showed up to any conflict that the Tennaxian armies would be fighting. They gave the emperor no tribute like they had for every year previous. The idea of independence continued to grow, with the Tennaxian emperor growing increasingly more angry with those who ruled Echodia. Lynch emboldened the rebellion with his actions and they continued to be noticed by the people.   As rebels in Echodia continued to get even more aggressive Tennaixan armies began to stream into Echodian territory, a half dozen, occupying every important city. Even with this increased presence of militaristic forces from Tennax the rebels continued to expand, until even the very nobility Tennax had put into place was with them. Instead of aiding the new armies, the Echodian military experienced a mass desertion with thousands of soldiers with their equipment and training joined the rebels increasing their number ten fold. This forced the Tennaxian emperor to send another 2 armies to the province but as the Echodian resistance spread, so to did it spread to other nations. The first of the two armies was destroyed in a ambush orchestrated by a combined Echodian, Karnellion and Cluelandish rebel force with devastating results. The only survivors of this battle were a single regiment of Echodian auxiliaries who quickly changed sides the very minute rebels began to attack the army. This single battle would prove to be the beginning of the end for the Tennaxian Empire. Soon after another army, this time one stationed in Snowgate was annihilated by the inhabitants of the city, making it the first free city of many to come.   With the rebellion continuing to spread around the empire, 4 Tennaxian armies in Echodia had to withdraw to defend the capital, the last army stationed in Echodia deserted within a day of the withdrawal. Making Echodia the first nation to be free from Tennaxian rule. King Lynch I became the first King of the new found nation after his role in the rebellion. The Tennaxian Empire now in shambles, trying to suppress the many more rebellions to come, and while it would take many decades the Tennaxian Empire had entered the start of the end.   The Echodian stood victorious in the very first of many wars they would join, and it was also here that they gained their natural love for war. From an early age many young men are taught the basics of swordplay and many who do not become farmers or other such workers become soldiers, joining the Echodian Military.  

Early History

With the Echodian independence came many reforms, for one the nation was divided into 13 provinces, each led by a noble who held loyalty to the King. The capital was formally declared Grafold and the first King of the Kingdom, King Lynch I was crowned King in a massive coronation ceremony that spread throughout the entirety of Grafold and several surrounding villages. Records show that the sheer amount of food and drink scattered throughout the city took at least a week to clean, and also that the city had drunk so much that drinks like beer and whiskey was at a premium, costing as much as 4 months wages in the Echodian Army.   Weeks after the coronation the partying had finally finished and the cleanup of the city began. King Lynch I, after half a lifetime of war had finally won. He was now a King with his own nation to lead, and lead he did. He would build cities, armies, roads, he would proclaim new laws of the land, and he would lead his people to the conquering of new land. Under his rule Echodian forces would annex several other rebellious territories of Tennax, of which Modern Echodia is now made up of.    Several years into Lynch I's reign, he realised his power was beginning to decline and so he created the Echodian Lordship. Each of the Lordship's Lord was a close supporter and ally of Lynch during his conquests and rebellion and were able to allow for the new King's authority to reign almost unchecked.    For nine years Lynch I reigned, and many believe these were some of the greatest years in the nations history. Unfortunately however, Lynch I would be found dead while hunting with a large entourage of hunters, guards, and nobles. All who accompanied Lynch I were found dead alongside the King, one of the first mass murders in Echodian history, and perhaps the most deadly. Only two wounded were found, and little information was gleamed from them before they died.    Fearing for his own life after the death of his father, the new King, King Lynch II created the King's Guard, an large, elite group of Echodian soldiers, whose primarily role was the protection of the King whenever and wherever he might need it.


My good Lords. Should we not join forces against the tyranny of the Lynch? For decades, we have been oppressed and forced into wars not meant for us. Why must we pay fealty, to Kings who will not so much as look in our direction before snickering in disgust? My people and I will not stand for it a day longer, join me, and we will build a new Echodia!
-King Odar II of Fasadae
  The Kingdom of Echodia is split into 10 different and distinct Lordships, they are ruled by a single lord, second to the King. Some of these Lordships are so powerful they could very well be separate entities in their own right. Ansularia, while technically a Lordship isn't counted among the 10 Lordships, this is because the King is the Lord of this Lordship   Lordship of Achread, An eastern Lordship whose income is primarily reliant on ship building and fishing. It is often considered a Lordship of medium strength, although its navy is the largest of all the Lordships and makes up the vast majority of the Echodian Navy.   Lordship of Carleon A small Lordship in power, but large in size, which is known for their horses that make up the majority of the Echodian army's cavalry forces.   Lordship of Churacor, A medium sized Lordship on the border to the West, it is one of the few Lordships to border another nation, that being Nagafala.   Lordship of Fasadae, A Lordship to the East, known historically for rebellious tendencies towards the Kingdom.   Lordship of Gerkarton, A once powerful Lordship that was heavily weakened during the Echodian Civil War, it is now often regarded as one of the weakest of all the Lordships.   Lordship of Grafold, Grafold once was the capital of Echodia, it has since fallen from its high tower and now is but an average Lordship whose power mostly comes from the city of which the Lordship was named for, Grafold.   Lordship of Midlandia, As the name would suggest, Midlandia is a Lordship located around the middle of the Kingdom. It is mostly filled with forests and rivers and there are few cities and towns, making this Lordship one of the weakest.   Lordship of Othaelos, A medium sized Lordship that is well known for their mines that make the Lords of this Lordship exceptionally rich, which as a result has also lead to a large amount of corruption within the Lordship, and often the King sees nothing of the riches this Lordship collects.   Lordship of Raybienshire, the largest and most powerful of the Lordships save the capital, ruled by Atkins Raybienshire.
Lordship of Raybienshire
Organization | May 11, 2020
  Lordship of Turnien, The Lordship of Turnien is usually regarded as your run of the mill Lordship, they have little in the way of natural advantages but at the same time little in the form of disadvantages the Lordship's biggest advantage might be their small border with the Karnel, which has allowed for small forces from Echodia to advance into the neighbouring Kingdom, without fear of being found out by spies of other powers like Asray.


Serve Echodia as you have served me...  
-Last Words of General Theodail
  Echodia as a nation is more focused on its military than any of its neighbours or really any nation on Fiedon. There military is therefore, one of the largest and most powerful not just on the continent but the whole world. A dozen armies are prepared for war at any time and a dozen more can join the fight from the other Lordships. Most armies are technically the charge of the Lordships and therefor the Lord from where they were founded. Although the Lords often give the armies to generals, usually distant relatives which insures they stay loyal to the Lordship first and Ansular second.   During the Echodian Civil War, the number of Echodian armies fielded at any one time reached its apex. Both sides fielded dozens of armies that constantly battled against one another. The Civil War caused the most casualties of any wars that Echodia has ever fought in. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought and died on Echodian soil, and it influenced Echodian strategy for the next few hundred years.   Since the Echodian Civil War Echodia has never fought in such a large scale war. In fact most of the continent has never since fought such a war. This is all likely to change with the beginning of the war with Asray, as armies from around the world gather in preparation for another conflict that will shape the world...

Foreign Relations

Echodia finds itself surrounded on all sides by its enemies. Its seas and oceans are riddled with Arayian vessel both small and large that strike upon any Echodian vessel they see. To the north is Echodia's only respite with the Kingdom of Karnel. However, north of Karnel lies the Archduchy of Asray of whom Echodia has battled for centuries. Clueland controls the territory west of Echodia, for much of the two nations history there has been many border conflicts over conflicting regions, however, currently the two are in a non-aggression pact that has been kept solid for the past 50 years.   With Asray - For as long as Echodia has been an independent nation they have been rivals with Asray to the north, the source of this rivalry has long since been lost to history but despite that, the governments of both nations have done nothing to improve relations. If anything relations have only deteriorated especially as both nations forces prepare for battle in Karnal.   With Nagafala - Relation between Nagafala and Echodia are one of mutual benefit, neither sees it as necessary to attack the other and so relations are simply in place to be able to best negotiate a trade agreement that best suits both sides.   With Wulther - Wulther, being a city state often has little to offer Echodia. Their one major export to the Kingdom is the City State's biggest industry, gold. For this gold the Echodian's offer much less expensive but still much required materials, like timber, iron and a variety of foods.   With Clueland - Echodian relations with Clueland is one of both alliances and wars. The two nations have often butted heads over their shared border, which has often been overrun by soldiers by both nations. Only the most levelled headed Kings have been able to keep the peace between the two nations here, recently King Greschan III travelled to Daren the capital of Clueland. After a mutiny from Greschan's own King's Guard (Battle of the Drunkards) the kings of both Echodia and Clueland would come to an agreement of alliance and the Echodians offered their support in Cluelandish internal conflicts as recompense for the Battle of the Drunkards. Recently the alliance would fail as Clueland supported the Asrayians by way of money and soldiers much to the distaste of the Echodians. Now only a weak non aggression pact keeps the two Kingdoms from all out war.   With Araya - Araya has been an opponent of Echodian expansionism in the past, and have fought several wars over it. Some of which have taken thousands of lives. When war is past and peace returns, trade between Araya and Echodia becomes commonplace, although large shipments are often stopped by the two nations.    Araya is Echodia's largest naval opponent, and they could if they wished, easily sink the entirety of the Echodian Navy. For this reason, the Echodian Navy often is split into several groups and when war against Araya is declared, they attempt to stay as far from the Arayian navy as possible.    With Napolei & Politan -   With Karnel - Karnel has long been a counterbalance to the powers of Asray and Echodia, it has separated the two rivals for as long as any can remember. But just like the two rival powers, so two is the nation of Karnel itself, separated with the south loyal to Echodia and north to Asray. Southern Karnel has become more of a client state to Echodia than an ally as it had been in its earliest years. Echodian armies patrol the Kingdom and commonly are found fighting or otherwise torturing Asrayian's and North Karnellion residents and military personal loyal to Asray.

Greatius Echodiuas

  • King Lynch (The Great) I (0EC-9EC)
  • King Lynch II (9EC-48EC)
  • King Greshan I (48EC-56EC)
  • King Richard I (56EC-99EC)
  • King James I (99EC-112EC)
  • King James (The Bad) II (112EC-180EC)
  • Queen Lucy (180EC-183EC)
  • Lord Bernard of Fasadae (Acting) (183EC-185EC)
  • King James III (185EC-198EC)
  • King Richard II (198EC-199EC)
  • King Lambert (199EC-246EC)
  • Thurstan Bylin (Rebellion) (246EC-257EC)
  • King Eskell I (257EC-310EC
  • King Ardus (The Great) I (310EC-380EC)
  • King Greshan II (380EC-402EC)
  • Queen Mary I (402EC-477EC)
  • King Eskel II (477EC-506EC)
  • King Eskel III (506EC-514EC)
  • King Odar I of Fasadae (514EC-520EC)
  • King Aurth of Fasadae (520EC-526EC)
  • King Odar II of Fasadae (526EC-543EC)
  • King Ardus of Fasadae (543EC-586EC)
  • King Odar III of Fasadae (586EC-603EC)
  • King Eskel IV (603EC-633EC)
  • Queen Mary II (633EC-700EC)
  • King Ardus II (700EC)
  • King Ardus III (701EC-764EC)
  • King Richard III (764EC-813EC)
  • King Eskel V (813-847EC)
  • King Ardus IV (847EC-914EC)
  • King Lorech (914EC-918EC)
  • Lord James of Raybienshire (Acting) (918EC-925EC)
  • King Eskel VI (925EC-963EC)
  • King Andien I (963EC-988EC)
  • King Andien II (988EC-1023EC)
  • King Ardus V (1023EC-1078EC)
  • King Eskel VII (1078EC-1110EC)
  • King Richard IV (1110EC-1169EC)
  • King James IV (1169EC-1212EC)
  • King Frisio I (1212EC-1259EC)
  • King Frisio II (1259EC-1300EC)
  • King Richard V (1300EC-1347EC)
  • King Ardus VI (1347EC-1389EC)
  • King Otwen I (1389EC-1412EC)
  • King James V (1412EC-1430EC)
  • King Greshan III (Current) (1430EC-Present)
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Legislative Body
The Council of Lords and King
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Professions
Related Items
Related Ethnicities
First Languages
Fiedish 43%
Echodian 51%
Karnellion 2%
Old Echodian 2%
Other 2%

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