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The Land That We Call Home, The Land We Call Transola
Transola is a world full of knowledge, both known and forgotten. The world is vast and many nations call it home as well as hundreds of characters that roam these lands.
Adventure seems to always find those who look for it and so to does treachery and violence which this world has in vast amounts. Nations have both grown and fallen by blood, which still troubles many to this day.
This is the world of Transola, will you venture here, or turn like some common coward?
That is your choice
Authors Notes & Credits
This world was originally created by SparkyTheSec0nd, later being joined by both Blocky and TimePixel. This world is still a heavy WIP and we would like all the feedback you can give. The cover image of most of the articles is a Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash. The cover image for the World Page is the image "sun down at the lake", which can be found here;
Thanks for checking out the world of Transola!
[Note: 4/12/2020]
I (SparkyTheSec0nd) will be temporarily leaving this world alone while I work on a new world,, which is a space world but it will still feature fantasy elements. Thanks.