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The Invincible Lizard

Deltesh is a Lizardman also known as the Invincible Lizard for his unbreakable skin. It is also believed a part of why he has such a simple nickname is that so little is known about him by most, aside from his tough scales.  

Magic College

What most people know of Deltesh begins with his time at the Dragonborn Magic College, as a member of the Class of 547. Despite his unbreakable skin, he was not considered special around classmates like Ram Rodraz, Head Priest of the Church of Erathis and Erathis's Chosen due to his possession of the Cross of Erathis.  

Best Friend

Deltesh did find a friend in fellow runaway Coldrid Saxan, a black Dragonborn who wished to distance himself from his adoptive father, Ikkul Ravofarn, Chief of Bortan. The two bonded, and formed a close friendship that truly blossomed on a day in 545 when Coldrid and Deltesh were attacked by a pack of Welfs.
Welf by Jarhed
  The Welf pack was far too numerous for the two first years to take on their own in their current states. But when both were split up from the other, they unlocked a power. For Coldrid Saxan, he discovered that he had finally learned to use his basic necromancy skills in combat, summoning a small army of skeletons to fight for him.   For Deltesh, however, he unlocked something new. Something beyond his basic Earth magic. Impossible Magic, more specifically an addition of flames to his Earth magic that made it magma. With his magic now, Deltesh was able to make volcanoes from nothing but his own power. With it, he made it back to Coldrid, and they returned to the Magic College.    


  After returning, Deltesh found himself standing up around the top of his class in terms of power. Sure, he was still behind the overachievers and big talents like Ram, Coldrid, and the World Court's puppet Halfling Linfire, but he was not far behind.  
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed
He began to have people finally talking about him, but he was mostly just called "The Lizard." Most people cared very little for his unbreakable skin. That is, until a certain event happened that made Linfire famous during his third year.   He had already been fairly known for getting stronger and stopping a pack of Welfs with Coldrid, but now there was something special he did on his own. For Deltesh had spent his third year lost, away from his class. While his class studied abroad in the Jihdi Kingdom, Deltesh had ended up in the desert.   There, he spent much time avoiding dangers, or really anyone he could. He didn't want any trouble, after all. This trouble, however, seemed to want him. For when he went to the Gnome capital of Lebalos, trying to just pass through and get back to the Magic College, Deltesh found the ground beneath him trembling.   Much to Deltesh's annoyance, a Giant Sandworm had emerged from the desert headed straight for Lebalos. Deltesh knew they could normally handle themselves, but also knew that they were short on help after the force of nature known as "Die Punchforce," seemingly a normal Human man, appeared in the desert.   Deltesh remembered in that moment why he was created. To stop giant creatures like this. It was not what he wanted, and he even tried to escape it for most of his life, but when it was in front of him, he could not ignore it. He had to take action and save Lebalos.  
So Deltesh stepped up. Literally, standing in front of the worm as it readied for its rampage. And is it tried to hit into him, it stopped dead in its tracks, a large Deltesh-shaped indent created in the front.

On impact, the worm was dead, and the Gnomes praised Deltesh. Sandworms were a prevalent problem that often stopped them from expanding further into the desert, and Deltesh recognized this as a problem they shared with his people. Against his better judgement, he allowed them to write songs of him. He did not expect them to get very far.



Deltesh is the product of centuries of Lizardfolk experimentation and research, all towards the end goal of producing someone who is able to kill the Black Dragon Lord Reoma the Wretched, who torments the Lizardfolk and prevents their society from advancing or expanding.   Willing Lizardfolk Harems were asked to donate their eggs before they hatched for the purposes of this experiment. Deltesh's family never put their names on record, but did give their eggs away. The eggs were injected with various chemicals stolen from Kenku ships, as well as an added bonus of some infused Orc blood for good measure. The result was that when Deltesh was born, his scales were extra hard.   However, the experiment was perceived a failure when Deltesh was five and his scales fell off. They believed that they had only created a temporary solution, and sent Deltesh away into the world. He fled to Tortle territory, where he was beaten for being a Lizardman and exiled to Yuan-Ti territory. It was only when he reached Yuan-Ti territory, in their battle hardened society, that it happened.   A gang of Yuan-Ti were beating up Deltesh when he felt something. His scales were growing back. And when they punched him again, all of the Yuan-Ti broke their knuckles, as his scales were even harder than before. As a matter of fact, they were unbreakable. Deltesh has since distanced himself from the experiments, and has not told anyone in Elone or at the Magic College about his past, opting to instead keep it a secret. The only one that knows is his best friend, Coldrid Saxan.
Linfire by Jarhed
He did not expect to return to the Magic College and hear one of the Professors, Vardid Liloryas, singing the song "The Invincible Lizard." He did not expect to be heralded as a hero, and for that to be looked down on by the rule-following top student of the class, Linfire.   The song features a slightly exaggerated take on Deltesh's heroics, including a speech he gave to rally the Gnomish troops, an epic battle with the worm, and women swooning (this is simply untrue, as Deltesh covers his face to prevent people from falling for him, and Gnomes are not very likely to love such a scaly man as himself).  

Unknown Story

A much greater story comes before then, when Deltesh came across Die Punchforce, the force of nature in the form of a man roaming the desert. Deltesh, knowing how dangerous Die was, avoided him every turn he could.   Yet Deltesh was lost in the desert. So lost that, it seemed, every time he'd turn around, he would run into Die again. It got to the point where Deltesh was even spotted by Punchforce, who wondered if this Lizardman would finally be a good challenge in this barren wasteland.   Deltesh wanted none of this. He was a third year at the Magic College, he did not want his legacy to be dying alone in the desert to the man that killed everything he touched.   So Deltesh made a very simple solution, which had quite major ramifications. He made a volcano, as large as he could, in the desert, and then made a moat of lava surrounding it. He kept himself in the volcano for weeks until he was sure Die Punchforce was gone. Then, he went on his way again.   For Die Punchforce's part, he searched for the creator of the volcano, but found nothing. He believed that it must have been an act of the Gods, rewarding him with a miracle for his hardwork. He spent some time there sitting and admiring it before leaving the day before Deltesh left.   This story, like much of Deltesh's past, has stayed a close secret to the Lizard. The volcano now in the desert is simply considered to be an anomaly, though some Gnomes that feel particularly strong about what Deltesh did to save them swear it must have been him.
Ram Rodraz by Jarhed

Chief Crisis

Deltesh was, technically, interned at Bortan. However, he never actually stayed there for long periods of time, and when the Chief Crisis broke out, Deltesh and Coldrid Saxan both decided to not participate. They had no allegiance to the Chief, and instead wished to keep the Grand Wizard alive. During the Invasion of Zephys by the Chiefs, they were among the small group to confront the Chiefs and make a compromise to prevent destruction.   Deltesh was then thrown into his graduation tournament at the Magic College, where he made it quite far before being taken out by classmate Ram Rodraz. Deltesh then retreated back, graduating at a rather high position in the class, and then trying to keep himself out of trouble. He sticks with Coldrid Saxan, supporting him as he became Chief of a village after the death of the previous Chiefs. Whether Deltesh has any intentions to return to Lizardfolk territory and fulfill the purpose he was made for is unclear, though he does not seem to care much about those prospects.  


Physical Condition

Deltesh has unknown personal strength, he does not like to show off. However, his skin allows him to tank seemingly any blow with little to no exterior damage, and only internal damage in incredibly rare scenarios.   It also hurts to hit and be hit by Deltesh, as his skin is literally unbreakable. Few have survived direct hits from him, even people of incredibly tough physiques or high power levels.  


Deltesh has been donated quite a bit of money. A classmate named Grygram Cunkuck, son of Vreslo CEO and Founder Schmeelon Cunkuck, even started a "Fund the Invincible Lizard" campaign among Lizardfolk that hat immigrated to Elone. He pocketed most of the money himself, but Deltesh received a small portion of it.  

Social Life

Deltesh keeps to himself, and does not like conversing with people. Still, he does have one close friend, Coldrid Saxan. Aside from that, he mostly only interacts with classmates Cleaver the Kenku, Kruxis the Elf, and Peargrim the Dwarven General.   Deltesh does not want a traditional Lizardfolk harem. While his sexuality is unknown, he seems not to want any kind of relationships, romantic or sexual. He does not let anyone near his heart, both physically and metaphorically, and prefers to be alone than in the company of anyone looking for a relationship with him.  


Deltesh has unbreakable skin, which is his greatest asset in life and combat. He can prevent being attacked by surprise, and can punch with terrifying force.  


Deltesh was born with Earth Magic, but in his second year at the Magic College, he unlocked Impossible Magic allowing for him to create fire as well. Mixed with his earth, this could create magma, volcanoes, and the like. It is an incredibly strong magic that, when paired with his skin and strength, becomes seemingly unstoppable for most people that do not sit in the upper echelons of power in Totania.

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