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A Really Funny Fit

It's Really Funny!

The Really Funny Fit is a fashion item worn by comedians and clowns of all sorts. It is not an official uniform but instead serves as a symbolic outfit.
It has a special property to it, applied through a Magic enchantment, or more accurately, a curse. This curse is applied to the hat, but the hat is only a piece of the greater outfit to which it has bonded. What this does is force the people around the wearer to uncontrollably laugh.  

Laugh Out Loud

The centerpiece of the Really Funny Fit is the magical item known as the Really Funny Hat. The Really Funny Hat is a circular hat of iridescent red, green, and magenta. When looking from some angles, it looks very different. The green has been known to look purple and even blue from some angles.   The red portion, which makes up the actual hat itself, is a round shape that extends upwards from the brim, rounding up to connect with the other side in a circle. This leaves a large hole at the center of the hat. It is made of linen from the Elven Forest.
The magenta of the hat comes from its garish bow, which sits at the very top of the hat. It is nearly as big as the hat itself and made of magenta Jing.
Around both the hat itself and the bow are green ribbons, made of the same fabric as the bow. It is circularly tied around these, and in some cases will blow in the wind enough to appear as if they are floating around the hat rather than being tied around it.   The dyes that make the bright colors of the outfit come from a plant found deep in the Elven Forest, the Coloriant. The process requires bringing the plant to something of a similar color and extracting its dye with speed and precision before it turns into your skin color.   Following the hat is the greater outfit. The outfit is that of a clown, with matching colors to the hat. Ruffles around the neck are a major part of it, along with long red and green stripes running up and down the outfit, and large curved shoes.
These shoes, like much of the outfit, are disjointed and uneven. The right shoe has a flat bottom and a large green pompom. On the right foot, a green sock is worn. However, there is no sock on the left; the pompom is much smaller (and purple now), and the bottom includes a heel. Both shoes are purple.
As with the shoes, the gloves are also uneven. Unlike the shoes, it is the left glove that is larger than the right. Both gloves are white and padded to be overly big, however the glove on the right still looks feasible for the size of a hand. The left, however, is comically large.   Some parts, such as the shoes, are omitted in the case of the wearer being a Kenku or Dragonborn and being unable to fit in them.   There is also the additional possibility of wearing a big red clown nose. Not all wearers of the Really Funny Fit wear this nose, but some comedians say it is a necessity. These are called Fun Purists. They're not very fun.  

The Funniest People in the World

Vimbish Baxcol by Jarhed
During the Grand Wizard Struggle, the Dragonborn were in a time of crisis. The position of Grand Wizard was losing its status, as Dragonborn kept finding gimmicks to kill them and take their place.   Instead of wanting to fix this, a Dragonborn from the Bardic village of Ealla thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get his name out there.   Vimbish Baxcol, also known by the Dragonborn Nickname of the Funster, was known for his terrible jokes.
Of course, this was not his intention.

Or maybe it was, he was a sick bastard sometimes, so it could've been one big joke.
But at least publicly, his goal was to become Grand Wizard to reach a wider audience and make more people laugh.   To reach his goal, Vimbish needed a gimmick all his own to seize power for himself. Something... funny.
A Really Funny Fit by Yumedatchi
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Place of Origin
World Court Classification


The magical properties of the hat are what makes this outfit special. With it, they are able to make people around them laugh. It is controlled by how funny the wearer believes they are.
The funnier they believe they are, the more they can control both whether people laugh and how large the radius around them is in which people laugh.
The minimum radius, for one who does not consider themselves humorous, is ten feet. If they are not funny in their own minds, they cannot control it, and people around them simply laugh.   The intention behind the rest of the outfit, then, is to amplify the funniness of the wearer. Both by making others view them as crazy, and also in case they ever see themselves in a mirror and see what they are wearing.
Settlement | Dec 28, 2021

The Bardic Village of the Dragonborn

The Clown College
Organization | Jun 5, 2021

An offshoot school of the Bard College designed to train people in the art of clownery.

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The Creator

Vimbish traveled to the village of Yirthum, where he learned to enchant items. He used this magic, and his knowledge of comedy, to create a powerful enchantment. With this, he spent years on his magical magnum opus: The Really Funny Hat!
The hat itself was not a unique item. While its coloring and appearance can make it seem like it was made to stand out, it was actually made as a set. It was meant to match his already garish outfit, the first version of the Really Funny Fit.
This consisted of seashells over the nipples and a torn loincloth. All of these clothing items were the same color as the hat and the eventual outfit that would accompany said hat for the rest of time.   Vimbish made sure to only test his hat in seclusion. In places where no one else was around, he tried making others laugh with his enchantment. Finally, in the year 230, Baxcol approached the Grand Wizard with his outrageous outfit. The Grand Wizardturned him away, as he didn't take Baxcol seriously. Baxcol, in turn, asked for a wager.   He would give a comedy show. If he could not make the Grand Wizard laugh, he would never challenge him again. The Grand Wizard, knowing Baxcol's record, agreed.   Yet when Baxcol stood in front of the Grand Wizard and his confidants, the Grand Wizard found that he could not stop himself from laughing. Baxcol hadn't even told a joke, and he was laughing. When Baxcol began his show, he laughed harder. So hard, in fact, that it became hard to breathe.
Baxcol was also laughing. Laughing in the face of the Grand Wizard, supposedly the most powerful mage alive, who was trembling before his jokes. Never again would he be made fun of for his comedy. He watched as the Grand Wizard laughed himself to death.   Baxcol became the 19th Grand Wizard, but he found it was not all it was cracked up to be. As he wore the hat and made people laugh, he found they were not laughing with him. They did not find his jokes funny at all. They were laughing at him, and his stupid outfit. For this, he called his enchantment a curse and swore that he would have been better off without it. Still, he was unable to be killed, as no one could get near him while he had the hat on.
That was a lie. Or, more accurately, a false assumption on his part. While no one could get near him, there was little need to do so. Soon enough, he found himself on the receiving end of a ranged spell known as Light Arrow, a light magic spell that was out of his laugh radius. After only two years as Grand Wizard, Baxcol died a laughingstock, as he always had been.

Henroik D Qloun, Retired by Jarhed
The Clown

The hat passed from person to person, eventually making its way to the hands of the Clown College . In the year 257, it landed in the hands of a Dwarven clown that went by the stage name of Henroike D. Qloun.   Henroike hated being a clown. He found that the gig was boring because while others laughed, he was forced into so much tradition. The same gags, the same jokes, it was ludicrous. He could write jokes! He could be funny on his own... right?   Henroik found a love for clowning again when he found something deep in the Clown College. A hat. The Really Funny Hat. The outfit that had once accompanied it was long gone, but that was fine, Henroike was a bit of a prude anyway, so something as revealing as that was not an option for him.
But that was fine. This hat just so happened to match the colors of his clown outfit. At least, that was what he told everyone when he showed up the next week with a new red, green, and magenta outfit. But before that, he couldn't help but laugh as he took the hat and added it to his new Really Funny Fit.   Henroike reinvented the title of Comedian. While before, there was a setting for clowns and not much else, Henroike opened the door for new jokes. No matter what he did, after all, people would laugh. It brought hope to people, hope that rarely appeared. And best of all, it was weird. Laughing at this strange Dwarf in his strange, uneven outfit and his kinda ugly hat made people feel better about themselves. After all, they wouldn't end up like that, and even if they did... it was quite enjoyable.   Because of Henroike and his ridiculous outfit, which became known as the new Really Funny Fit, many impostors appeared all over Totania. It became an unofficial outfit of clowns and comedians everywhere. Recreations of the outfit were made, so much so that finding the actual outfit would be a nightmare for anyone seeking it, but none of them were able to recreate the hat's properties. So, while the outfit itself became widespread, there was only ever one Really Funny Fit.
Sirlini Glirdog by Jarhed
  Eventually, Henroike retired, passing the outfit down to another worthy successor. He wore normal clothes after that, wanting to finally rest after working so hard for comedy. It was a heavy burden, and he too agreed with Baxcol. It was a curse that he had only made stronger.

The Comedian

In the year 497, a young Human girl named Sirlini Glirdog found the hat. She was raised in the Dragonborn village of Ealla alongside a stern girl named Zefsica.   In order to try and make Zefsica laugh, Sirlini had made jokes since they were young. So much so, she became known by the Dragonborn nickname of the Comedian. Finding the hat only added to her comedic prowess, as she took Ealla by storm with her comedy.   She found that the Really Funny Fit as a whole had changed. Now, some of the residual magic from the hat had gone to the outfit, and almost bound it to the hat. It would mold itself around the wearer of the hat, to ensure they were always, as intended, really funny.
At the top of the article, in the outfit, is none other than Sirlini "the Comedian" Glirdog in the fit. It was her that truly made the outfit a mainstream staple of culture in not just Ealla or the Clown College, but the continent of Elone itself.   With the power of the hat, the greater outfit as a whole, and her own jokes, Sirlini was able to become the only village chief in Dragonborn history to not be a Dragonborn. This meant she had command over the entire village with no one above her to give orders, and also that she had sway in Dragonborn society in its entirety.
With this rare honor, she opened up festivals for other races to participate in, and made customs that allowed other races to be more readily accepted in Dragonborn lands.   But that mattered little to Sirlini. What mattered most of all to Sirlini was that when she saw Zefsica again, she was able to make her smile, and even at one point or another, laugh. She did not view the Really Funny Fit as some others did. Not as a curse, but as a blessing for herself and the world.  
"If all the world could smile more, what a wonderful place it would be. I'd be able to walk down the street in this, and everyone'd laugh at me."
— Sirlini "The Comedian" Glirdog

Where to Find a Good Laugh

After Sirlini died, the Really Funny Fit was taken away from Ealla by a collector named Dia Ree, to be stored away. Her intention was to sell it when demand for it grew high enough. Until then, the laughter and joy it brought would be gone, as would its curse.

In its place, the mock outfits that lesser clowns and comedians had made would fill its void. Genuine comedy would be needed. Perhaps one day, when the Really Funny Fit is released again, the world would not need it anymore. But this was not possible, as in a world full of tension and strife, laughter was the best medicine. The world could always use some more laughter.

Cover image: A Really Funny Fit by Yumedatchi


Author's Notes

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5 May, 2021 21:38

This is a really interesting article! An outfit that forces people to laugh. I never would have thought of something like this! Great job.

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8 May, 2021 14:41

Thank you! I tried to make an outfit that people would want to wear, but also one that would make some people kinda terrified of it, and this was the middle ground I found on that.

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The power of laughter. This is a really cool idea!

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Thanks! It was really fun to take the initial concept and put it to words, so I'm glad you enjoy it!

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This looks like the outfit my Mom used to put me in when I “Looked too much like my father.” Anyway, great article!

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I'm sorry about that. I hope you get to dress how you want now. But thank you!

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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Nice article, I like the history and evolution of the costume alongside the hat :D   " The funnier they believe they are, the more they can control both whether people laugh and how large the radius around them is in which people laugh." The way this works is really very interesting :D   " These are called Fun Purists. They're not very fun." XD   Did people realise that Henroike was using the hat? How did they react to that? Being forced to laugh doesn't sound very nice if they are realising what happens – unless it's something people are looking for?

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8 May, 2021 14:50

Thank you so much! I always find it fun to delve into the history of something and see how something perhaps mundane can make a big impact. This one was especially fun given the subject was something comedic.   At first, people did n0t know the hat did that when Henroike had it, but after a while, they learned. But overall, most people were fine with it, since they expected to laugh when seeing Henroike's comedy. He had more control over it since he thought he was funny, so he'd be able to make them laugh only after his jokes. I would bet some people still weren't happy, but Henroike could just immobilize them by making them laugh and then he could run away, so they wouldn't be too much of a problem.

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Gege Escriva
10 May, 2021 16:15

Very interesting article! And pretty original concept for a hat! I can't help but smile about how it looks and the fact that it makes the people around laugh out loud magically, surely really appropriate for the work of clowns, but also for giving some joy to the moment. Like you said in the last line :

In a wounded world, full of tension and strife, laughter was the best medicine. The world could always use some more laughter.
This is so true! .   The article itself is very detailed and the artwork is cute! Great job!

13 May, 2021 23:31

It made you smile, so it's doing it's job :D Thanks a ton! We all could use some more laughs, and this outfit really was made for that purpose. I wanted to make something fun, and I am very glad (as is the artist that helped me bring it to life) that you enjoyed it!

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12 May, 2021 14:10

Original idea and great article! It was fun to read, especially the sentence 'These are called Fun Purists. They're not very fun' :p You had a nice use of heroforge images and it is nice how you added some dividers here and there. Very interesting to read the history and how the outfit became used by all clowns. Nice read!

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Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the Fun Purists. They may not be fun for the people around them, but they're very fun to hear about. I always love making characters on heroforge, it's got such a great range of uses!

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Yes I agree! I am starting to use more and more heroforge myself. I think it always looks pretty neat in an article ^^

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He watched as the Grand Wizard laughed himself to death.
  Yikes :D That is both hilarious and scary. Very interesting article and very well constructed. Very well done indeed :D

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Thank you! I wanted to balance both of those tones, especially in that section, so I am really glad that came through!

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26 May, 2021 22:56

What an entertaining origin story for a Jester's costume! I loved the stories of how it was passed from person to person and how each one used it differently.

26 May, 2021 23:23

Thanks! I tried to make it entertaining because of course, something related to Jesters should be fun. With the stories of each person, I tried to show the different kinds of people who would wear a crazy thing like this. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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27 May, 2021 15:42

This item is hilariously powerful; I didn't expect that from both the appearance and name.   I love how both comedic and horrifying it is. Humor and horror are quite similar but difficult to properly meld together, I find. All-in-all, a good article and enjoyably different than many others I've seen in the Costume Challenge.

27 May, 2021 16:48

Thank you! I found that the blending of both the humor and horror worked really nicely, so I really felt like I had to lean into it.

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29 May, 2021 03:55

Oh wow, it's impressive how you took an idea that seems light-hearted and made it so dark. It reminds me a bit of the Joker's laughing gas from Batman. The whole "made the Grans Wizard laugh himself o death" is very morbid. I like how you go in-depth with the history and all the hands it passed. One thing I will say is that I think you can really clean your writing. You sometimes repeat the same idea twice or change the tone of the paragraph in the middle, which creates a bit of confusion. I believe you could make the article even better if you polish it a bit more.   Lovely stuff!

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5 Jun, 2021 04:53

Very glad you enjoyed the outfit! I always like to go farther into the history of things than I really need to, and it always ends up dark at some points, so even something funny had to go there.   Also, thank you for the advice, that was very helpful! I've gone through now and hopefully things are clearer now without too much repetition.

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29 May, 2021 15:27

I'm glad someone turned it from a curse into a blessing! And I must admit, it's a hilarious origin story! XD

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Thanks! In the end, I couldn't just leave it as only a curse when it's something that should be funny, though I will say a lot of people would probably still be a bit scared of it having some kind of curse.

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3 Jun, 2021 13:33

I love this. I like how the hat has travelled through many different peoples and cultures. I need to follow your world to see more of your articles. Very enjoyable.

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Thanks! I hope you enjoy what you find here. It's still very much in the early stages in terms of articles, but I'm working on more for the near future :)

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4 Jun, 2021 08:28

Hi! That's a great entry. This idea of the Very Funny Hat is original, and can be used to go in a looooot of different directions! If I'm being honest, when I started reading, I very much expected this to go dark quickly: it would only take one twisted mind, and the Very Funny Hat could start to be used as a terrible mean of torture toward someone! Imagine being forced to laugh for 2 days straights... On the other side of thing, I can also imagine someone finding themselves in a dark place, forced to wear the Very Funny Hat, and constantly seeing people laugh at them, making them feel worse. Anyway, this Very Funny Fit has a great potential for horror writing! But I'm glad you took it toward being used by clowns and comedians instead.   Is using this Hat seen as cheating by other comedians? Like, "it's unfair, you don't even need to be funny if you wear the hat"? Or do they acknowledge the fact that it allows to create new forms of humor?   In any case, good job!

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5 Jun, 2021 04:58

The hat is definitely seen by some people as cheating, but I'd say most people would lump those kinds of people in with the fun purists. Mostly, the hat is seen as a gift for comedians since they want to make people laugh and the hat helps them do that. Probably the biggest factor in this is that the wearer can control whether people laugh or not if they believe they're funny enough, so anyone who can't actually control that would probably need the hat as a crutch anyway. Thank you for the comment!

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