Mini-Quest Introduction

    Welcome! In between releases of the main questline and larger stories, you'll be able to use these mini-quests as a way to fuel your daily To Do Lists while still growing your character and exploring the worlds of Galaxy 12.   Mini-quests are from the perspective of your character instead of you, and are designed so they do not impact the larger main questline, but rather enhance them by expanding the fictional universe. They will not get your character to the next title or progress your DreamerLink career. Instead, they are intended to provide more frequent content that will encourage getting things done so you can unlock more and more!  
Remember, the content in TDLA is gated only by the things you want to accomplish. It runs on the honor system, and you can technically click forward at any time. However, TDLA is here as a tool to work with and for you, not to work against what you need to accomplish or to make things more difficult.   It doesn't matter if you want your "task" to be "walk 100 steps" or "1000 steps" or "10000 steps" before clicking the continue button. What matters is that you make it so!


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