Eye 4N Eye Redressers

Far from being a home for vengeance in the many cold forms it takes on Lutetia, the Eye 4N Eye Redressers beauty shop is THE place to go for all your technocosmetic needs. From replating of basic limb augmentations to customization to the hottest cybernetic eye tints of the season, this body-fashion hotspot has it all.   Eye 4N Eye Redressers sits in the refined and prosperous Upper Level of Lutetia. The shop is run by the most fashionable person in Galaxy 12, Edna Trousseau.  


Growing up a bored child of a spaceport diplomat, Edna had all manner of exposure to galactic fashion. They grew obsessed with customizing their own looks as a blend of the fantastical fabrics and incredibly alien, indigenous garbs they witnessed.   When their parents took quarters in the prestigious heights of Lutetia's city-planet, Edna quickly rose to prominence in the Consumer Goods: Consumables Department. Hitting the ceiling there propelled Edna upward and outward into the independent ranks of elite haberdashery.   A young creator bent on domination, even the glory of runways and original fabric swatches began to lack luster. But before they could contemplate a change in their career, a terrible accident with a practicing Rally Vehicle took one of their eyes and all of their fingers. Though their parents immediately procured the highest quality augments as replacement parts, Edna despised the clinically cold metal.   Almost on the heels of that emotion, Edna Trousseau's creative brilliance broke free and they sought to re-invent themself as the pioneer of a new industry: Cybercosmetics. With an endless supply of canvases, each customized to its bearer and more unique than the last, Edna created Eye 4N Eye Redressers as the first in what they know will be a burgeoning empire entwining fashion with flesh, as well as elite artistic taste with technological marvels.  
Finally, we shall have the living embodiment of style. Beyond piercings and tattoos and arms and legs, we enhance the need of augments with the Art of Fashion. Yes, Fashion, over form, over function. Programmable, unique, and ours.
— Edna Trousseau


The body is a canvas, and one that isn't meant to be merely draped in fabrics and mundane fashion--no matter where in the universe it comes from. With cybernetic implants and augmentations, one can refit parts of their body with cyber augmentations, and those augmentations deserve to be just as beautiful and unique--and changeable, for a price--as the fabric fashion worn otherwise.
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Critics compare Eye 4N Eye Redressers to Lutetia's rampant vehicle customization industry--merely flashy lights and ridiculously bright appendages to your body to garishly light up the night and boldly show off your assets (although quite a bit more literally in the case of this particular body shop).   Advocates say, of course! That's exactly what they want.  

Sampler Services

Prices Available on Request

  • Demi-permanent Cosmetics
  • Facial Retrofusion
  • AR Tattoos
  • Cybernetics Makeover
  • Multi-'Do Hair Rebranding
  • Flair Encoding

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"Technocosmetic" is such a fantastic turn of phrase. A great article all around too :D   Quick note: "Edna quickly rose to prominence in the Consumer Goods: Consumables Department. Hitting the ceiling there propelled Enda upward and outward into the independent ranks of elite haberdashery."   Edna or Enda here? :D

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Thanks, Q! I had fun trying to make a punny shop name and sorting out how folks can customize their chrome :) Ooo and good catch. I has fixed!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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