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The Whirl Bill is a feathered god. Within their curled bill rests the whole of creation, which contains an uncountable number of universes. Here you will find just a few.   The Whirl Bill is a collaborative worldbuilding zine, each issue focuses on a different world, with submissions of writing, one-liners, and artwork exploring it.

How do I join?

Wait til submissions are open! A link will be posted below the "what can I submit" section when they are to ensure that you read the rules. After submissions close, we will edit and format the zine— which will be released via a PDF posted here. This will be optimized for standard 8.5" x 11" printer paper, so that anyone can print out the zine at home as they wish.  

What can I submit?

Submissions must adhere to the chosen world and theme! We're collaboratively building this world, so you can submit anything from a character's history, a country, or a weapon— to a holiday, a famous building, or an artifact. Whatever you can think of! You can submit these as...   Prose, such as a short story or pure worldbuilding.
Maximum of 500 words.   One-liners, such as a quote from a character, a motto, or an idea.
Maximum of 50 words.   Artwork, such as a depiction of a city, a character portrait, or a flag.
Black and white only. Be aware that this is made to be printable on standard 8.5" x 11" printer paper, each individual page being 5.5" x 8.5."   Restrictions are there to ensure that your submissions stay fun— this is not meant to be something you stress over! We want everyone to look forward to making their submissions. This, and, limitation breeds creativity, after all.   Submissions are limited to 3 per type. If you wish to submit multiple of any single type, please make a new submission. Mixing submission types, such as prose and artwork, is completely fine.   18+ only to submit, however, we ask that you do not submit explicit sexual content. Nods here and there are ok, but no full scenes.   Rights, by submitting your work, you are giving The Whirl Bill the right to make changes and publish the work, in any medium, to include, but not limited to, zines, anthologies, and online archives. You will retain all rights to any future works related to or directly tied to your submission, and may continue to use any original aspects of the submission including, but not limited to, names, characters, and settings.  
Issue 4 Submissions
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Our editors

, Dani, Harry Hartzog, Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull, Maybe Stewart
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