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Skyshard Sanctuary

Well before the Mythalenairra sought the depths of the Deep Beneath or the Balar joined forces with the native giantkin, the Avisil Accordance were monitoring the rocs roosting amid the Tels. Though The Roc itself hadn't survived the Sundering, its energy or magic appeared to linger. Giant birds—apparently overgrown local species as well as totally unique ones—soared across every plane with a sky.
While a team was watching a nest in the mountains, a rock that would—in just few short years—come to be called a meteorite crashed into the observation site. The Accordance team worked tirelessly to rescue any rocs that survived the impact, building a small hospital from the strong metal found amid the debris.
Today, Skyshard Sanctuary is a stone and steel tower in the southeastern arm of the Tels with a small but sprawling village carved into the mountain at its base. An Avisilkra community that built up around the original Accordance team, Skyshard Village is friendly with but independent of both the Mythalenairra and Balar governments. The Sanctury itself cares for avian creatures of all shapes and sizes from the region, and hosts students of biology, conservation, and orthinology from across Tangra.
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Cover image: by Athevra via Adobe Spark


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