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Abyssal Piercer


Abyssal piercers are lightly magical spears given to initiates of the Web of Faith once they complete their martial training. The piercer holds no enchantment or directed magic of its own, but is primed to be enchanted. A piercer is significantly easier to enchant than any standard weapon.
The piercer's shaft is made from charbark, and its silk grip is generally dyed black to match. The spearpoint is made of locally-mined electrum, which varies in color from deep bronze to a pale silvery-yellow. A Faithful's speartip serves as a marker of their home chapel. The spear's make relies on local woodworkers, smiths, and weavers. The Faithful carry them as symbols of the connections between the people of a community.
Item type
Weapon, Melee

Cover image: by Athevra via Adobe Spark


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