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Passerine Angle

"Sharp as a razor, I cut clouds in twain, flying faster than lighting, very very frightning. I am a wedged blade, slicing clouds in twain, I dance in the sky, I weave between currents, I am the blade."   "No, you are not the blade, I am Yesterday: The Blade, I am the blade."   "Uh, sure, little one, tell yourself that, while my gundecks are the size of a simhata, my wings the size of small docks."   "I didn't say anything."   "No, the weapon at your belt did, I heard it. It's chatty..."   "Say what?"   "Big ego blade, soulsteel tends to make them chatty."   "Pot, kettle, then, with how much soulsteel and moonsilver and jade you're made from..."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A flying ship, wedge-winged whose material is mixed black jade, soulsteel and moonsilver to look like a piece of starry night sky. More like a sparrow caught mid-flight than most other things, its sleek body allows it incredible speed and agility in the air.  
Item type
Unique Artifact


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