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Yesterday: The Blade

"I am Yesterday, I was built in the age before time, when Chaos was everything, when Zen-Mu was not yet called that, but existed, timeless, in the permanence of non-time."   "Sssh, be quiet, now is not the time."   "You would use me before knowing me?"   "I need no knowledge of you beyond your sharpness and balance, please advance your goals in your own time, in the meantime, be sharp and silent."   "But I am forged of the concept of the passage of time, foolish gnat!"  

Well I knew how sharp that was, but I wouldn't give this entity the satisfaction of admitting that... I had been born three thousand and fifteen sunrises ago, in Zen-Mu, back when mortals could live there, before the green sun appeared in the sky. I had been among the lucky evacuees, when it did. But that is not important, what is important is that I slice this thread, this warp and weft of fate, and excise this enemy... I gazed upon Rakan Thulio, who had been there for all of it, one of the few born before me who were still here, who wasn't a senior god or something more exotic. He could lay claim that he was still somewhat mortal... I had discarded such weakness, when I arrived here. Rakan Thulio, know that I,

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Chejop Kejak
/Power behind the throne claim this victory over you.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

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Weapon, Melee


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