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The Monster's Alliance Valahiri, or The Continent With A Billion Names

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It is said that the tendrils of power will inevitably break everything ensnared in them.
A few centuries ago, they broke the world.
We are the only ones who survived.
Without the Powers that Were holding us back, the new world is ours to inhabit, ours to shape.
Despite this, the past haunts us, mostly already forgotten, yet visceral in its presence. We don't know our own history, yet it has become part of our minds, our bodies, our dreams. As we reached back out for breathable, unsullied air, we heard the cries of the land, the healing songs dancing on the Eternal River.
And we answered the call.

Welcome to The Monster's Alliance, an anthology project that spans several novels, short stories, artworks and - hopefully - comics. Set in a strange, alien world ravaged by apocalypse, The Monster's Alliance follows the adventures and experiences of ordinary individuals thrown into extraordinary circumstances. Their stories, however personal, form parts of a larger whole: a story of communities, found families, and unlikely alliances building a hopeful future in the face of the horrors of the past and the overwhelming odds of the present.