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Leafton is a growing village on the north of the Conclair Barony. The villagers enjoy the agrarian life and general independence from those outside their realm. Recently the Conclairs have reminded the village of their duty to pay taxes to the barony, and while the mayor has complied it has created resentment from those who feel they receive nothing in return.  

1. Constables Home

This is the largest structure in Leafton and serves as the home of Constable Kuan Solear. He was sent here on behalf of the local lord, and as such is an outsider to the town. Still, his presence has generally become accepted and the initial animosity has settled. The structure has a large dining hall for important public events that doubles as the towns court of justice.  

2. Town Square

A rickety wooden platform serves as a podium for town gatherings. Nearby notice board posts political bulletins, wanted posters, religious tracts.  

3. Rangers Home

This is the home of Cadyr the Culled, a local ranger. He knows the wilderness better than most, and often hires adventurers to handle some of the larger threats in the forest. Recently he has become concerned about a tribe of ogres as well as bandits that lie in the forest.  

4. Tangoruns Workshop

This is the home of dwarven master blacksmith Tangorun. Craftsmenship of his quality is difficult to find.  

5. Lothairs Farm

This simple farm house, barn and animal pen is the home to Lothair, his wife and his son Mathfrid. They are a welcoming bunch and a good way to get introduced to the town.  

6. Plow and Circumstance Inn

This welcoming and homely inn has a hearth always burning and a welcome smile for the weary traveller. It is ran by Duncan and Brinhild   See the Plow and Circumstance Inn for more information.  

7. Guardhouse

The small town does not have much for a town guard, but Melba the Guard Captain and 20 guard help the village full time. 40 more can be called as militia in times of need.  

8. Church of Telophus

This small building is used as a church to Telophus. It is ran by Filinda, who also runs a small wheat farm. She has a few acolytes that handle to the day to day activities and minor blessings, and who can gather Felinda should more powerful spellcasting be required. While it does not offer nearly the spellcasting services of larger towns, Felinda can cure disease and curses if paid for the service.
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Kuan Solear.png
Constable Kuan Solear
Cadyr the Culled.png
Cadyr the Culled
Melba the Guard Captain.png
Melba the Guard Captain

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