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Fort Thorn

Fort Thorn is the projection of might of the Delafonts upon their northern borders. After numerous incursions from beyond the Shadowed Hills, threats were made to the Sylvanthalor Elves to control the monsters of their forest or a swift response would follow. The elves, being as slow to respond as one might expect, did nothing, while attacks on the northern farms and even Hommlet itself drove the Delafonts to a response. In return, a force was gathered led by a group of adventurers, and a swathe was cut through the woods, cleaving the mighty forest in two. With a new trade route established to the towns in Bards Gates suzerainty, Fort Thorn was built as a staging area for keeping the forest safe as well as protecting the new trade route.   The fort houses around 60 soldiers at a time. Half are veterans, often serving out the remainder of a term or using their experience to train the new recruits. The fort has training grounds and numerous chances for new soldiers to cut their teeth on, and is a common locations for those joining the Delafonts army to receive training. It has numerous opportunities to learn the finer points of wilderness survival, to fight and slay beasts, and where veterans can provide actual training experience to those rather than purely hypothetical. Fort Thorn produces far better soldiers than many of even the most ardent of others training regimes because of the actual experienced gained. It is also a place of trade, for while the Delafonts charge a tax to traders coming into the realm, it is still often an opportunity to sell goods to the soldiers who are well paid for their duties.   While Fort Thorn has been a boon to the Delafonts realm in terms of trade, security and even as a training grounds, the elves found their presence unwanted and skirmishes have begun between the forest elves and the soldiers of the fort. It is unknown whether these will escalate, but tensions are at a high between the two factions.   The Fort has a trading post but no manufacturing capability. While most here are trained in basic carpentry and a whole new fort could be constructed overnight should the need arise, they rely on trade from Bards Gate or the Barony in order to supply them with necessary goods and metals. The fort could survive for some time in case of a siege.  
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1. Headquarters

Serving as the central command post for the Fort, this location comfortably houses the officers and veteran soldiers. It is ran by Commander Hildebrand Bolster, an expert statesmen who is living out the remaining days of his service at the fort in return for a significant chunk of land. He believes that the Delafonts are a force of good and has served them faithfully for many years.  

2. Trading Post

In order to establish a permanent rapport with the Delafont barony, Rustruki Pearon of Darnagal set up a trading post in the fort. He keeps a modest supply of most goods available, both to sell to the soldiers as well as those passing through.   Placus Ovidus works closesly with Rustruki Pearon and charges a fee for those bringing goods through the port as part of the Delafonts tariff from those from Bards Gate. While this is unpopular, it is the only option most have.  

3. Shrine to Vanitthu

While worship of most faiths would be permitted within the Forts walls, the only shrine is to Vanitthu, God of the Steadfast Guard. Ran by the priestess Liuva Verula, she maintains the faith among her flock, but also leads in the training of those who wish to receive battle training as a cleric of the faith.  

4. Training Grounds

The training grounds are used both those who train in the bow and sword before being deemed proficient enough to go out on patrol. It is co-ran by Captain Gadaric Delafont, a cousin of Lady Delafont, and Captain Seia Tertula, both experts in their own individual fields.
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Commander Hildebrand Bolster.png
Commander Hildebrand Bolster
Captain Seia Tertula.png
Captain Seia Tertula
Captain Gadaric Delafont.png
Captain Gadaric Delafont
Liuva Verula.png
Liuva Verula
Rustruki Pearon.png
Rustruki Pearon
Placus Ovidus.png
Placus Ovidus
Delafont Guard Female.png
Fort Thorn Guard Female
Delafont Guard Male.png
Fort Thorn Guard Male
Delafont Soldier Female.png
Delafont Soldier Female
Delafont Soldier Male.png
Delafont Soldier Male
Delafont Hunter Female.png
Delafont Hunter Female
Delafont Hunter Male.png
Delafont Hunter Male

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