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4. The Factory

This is the location of the final showdown with Gilean Vel and is a very difficult dungeon with a potentially deadly final foe.  

The Miasmoor

• The journey there can include Lizard folk, Dark Naga, Harpies, Trolls, Hags or other swamp encounters, or skip and go right to the destination.
• Visibility in the area is under 500'. The factory sits on a large circular smooth slab, is an enormous two story structure that is belching black smoke. It has no windows or ornaments, and an ominous churning sound is coming from within.
• The entrance is locked with Arcane Lock. They either need to search the surroundings or have found the key in the circus, or use Knock.   Features
• The walls are painted with Gorgon's Blood and lead shavings over solid metal. No method of scrying or teleportation or material manipulation will allow entry. Attempts to teleport in causes an immediate level of madness.
• Going in the smelter (up top) takes 8d6 fire damage per round.
• Finding the secret entrance (area 20) requires a climb check DC20 (or flight) followed by a DC20 perception check.
• If the party cannot find an entrance, let them think of ideas. If nothing reasonable happens, eventually (maybe even the next day) a shipment arrives with a necromancer and a few dozen cultists, carrying a cart of bodies. Alternatively, one of them spots the "hidden" entrance (area 20) as a guard pours out a pot of piss.
• Locked Doors are DC20 Dexterity to open, Break Strength DC25  


The Heartlock:
The upper levels are barred by a door that requires four keys, shriveled hearts spread throughout the facility. Siebkron knows how to bypass the traps to collect them, but others do not. Gilean himself can invoke the power of Orcus to pass.  
The Factory (33x33).jpg

1. Reception Room

This room is a stark contrast to the exterior, lavishly furnished with a hand-woven rug, several sofas and armchairs. A large bowl of tobacco and several pipes rest on the table. Flame dance from the fireplace, and four large oil paintings adorn the walls.
Painting 1: Depicts an old manor house on a rolling countryside.
Painting 2: A bright-faced warrior in antique armor.
Painting 3: A nightmarish landscape full of shadows and misshapen faces.
Painting 4: A beautiful young women with haunted eyes and hair the color of dawn. Wisdom Check DC15 to notice, this woman looks like Katya (from Daithas Sanctuary).

2. Heartlock Component #1

The main part of the room is empty, littered with a bit of garbage and a thick layer of dust. To the south is an enormous circular shaft.
The doors are locked. No Light.
Shaft: 20' to the ceiling, 80' drop, smooth bore stone. Hanging in the center from a chain, at eye level, is what looks like a shriveled piece of fruit. DC15 to realize its a heart. It weighs 15#'s.
Piston Trap: Slams down if the heart is moved. DC15 Dex save or 15d6 damage. DC20 Perception to see the stud that deactivates. It begins to reset when tripped, and for 2 rounds after can be grabbed.  

3. Dusty Passage

The door is marked with a stylized G. It has a coat of dust but otherwise nothing  

4. Heartlock Foyer

Stacked nearly 5' high are heaps of men and women of various races stacked in this room, awaiting some grim fate. Sad moans and sobs come from the piles.
28 prisoners are here. They are either paralyzed or tied up, and know nothing. They wish to leave.
4 Shadows that serve Gilean are here. One will go warn Gilean, the other 3 attack.  

5. Heartlock Chamber

At the far end of this chamber stands is an elaborate door of thick steel and black rivets, with no handles. In the center of the door is a grotesque sculpture of the interior of a human chest cavity. The ribs have been pulled back to bare a lifelike mass of blood and bodily tissue. Unlike a true body, this cavity contains four hemispherical cups of delicately tooled iron, designed to hold a fist sized object. Each is empty.
This minor artifact is indestructible and can only be opened by collecting the heartlock pieces. When inserted, a jet of steam sprays and the doors slide open.  

6. The Gauntlet

This room contains a long corridor with a 30' pit.
Creature: At the bottom of the pit are a few Grey Oozes
Secret: To the east is a secret stud in the wall. DC20 Perception to find. Pushing it disables the 2x traps.
Trap: Jumping/flying/spider climb across trips a thin beam of light. DC20 perception to notice the light. Releases a spout of fire, DC15 dexterity save (for half) or 6d6 Fire damage. Anyone within 5' of the west wall takes the damage.
Trap 2: Roller, pressure plate on the other side of the pit, DC20 Perception, DC20 Dexterity save or 8d6 bludgeoning.  

7. Redoubt

This empty room has two broad staircases that lead up to the upper level.
Gilean ambushes the party here if the alarm was raised, or it is clear. If the alarm was raised, Gilean leaves the factory and brings in some trolls.
  Undetected: Nothing
Detected: Gilean brings in Trolls (2-5, depending on party strength). He casts invisibility on them and himself, and waits for the party. He casts a spell, then retreats. DC20 perception to notice a foul smell.  

8. Hall of the Stone Scholar

This passageway appears empty except for a philosopher-type statue of a woman wearing a toga, and gesturing to a vague point on the south wall.
Creature: Stone Golem
Light animates the statue to attack. Saying Umbra causes it to remain silent. If no light is used, it remains silent.  

9. Lost Soul

Lying in the middling of the room appears to be a dead elven woman clad in a torn green tunic.
Zinaida Quespar - From a wood elf tribe. She fell off a cart. Kidnapped and hates Gilean. Will throw herself at enemies with reckless abandon. Foe Hunter (MM Expanded)  

10. Dining Hall

This long hall has cooking equipment, pots, pans and sacks of flour and grain as well as a long table and seating arrangements.
Nothing valuable  

11. Heartlock Component #2

Standing in the center of this room is a shining silver pedestal. On it stands a scale, the right side containing what appears to be a blackened human heart. On the left rests ten coins.
Trap: The scales are not connected. Removing the heart causes no effect. If weight is put on the left side, it triggers the trap. Intelligence Check DC16 to figure out the trap.
Trap: Poison Gas, 8d8 poison damage DC16 half.   The Heartlock is hidden high up, DC18 Perception Check to see, hanging from a silver string.  

12. Carpeted Hall

A large rug covers most this hallway and a lever juts from a groove on the west wall.
No traps, the lever sounds a loud gong, sounding the alarm  

13. Depository

This room is cluttered with a wide variety of items, backpacks, weapons, childrens tos, cloaks, boots, farming implements, walking sticks, shields and other personal effects.
Buried in here is a Mithral Breastplate.  

14. Heartlock Component #3

Besides the torches, the only object in the room is a wooden pedestal with a marble top. Resting atop is what appears to be a withered human heart. Surrounding the light beams is a glowing matrix of intricate beams of light.
Trap: The beams of light do nothing. Detect magic reveals the heart and beams are illusion. DC15 Dex to grab,but the item is a sphere of annihilation.
DC15/20 Search to find the hidden compartment in the pedestal where the real Heart is.  

15. Waterworks

This room has a pool of water, as well as what appears to be a lavatory. Resting on the stand is a book
  Murderous Intentions - Insights Into Troll Behavior
Reading time: a short rest
Comprehension check: Investigation, Nature or Survival (moderate)
Effects: Over the course of 10 minutes, you may assemble an unpleasant smelling concoction that is repellent to most trolls. As long as you have at least 1 gallon of water, 1 pound of crushed insects and 1 pound of assorted decaying plant material you may create a pasty substance that may be applied to a normal sized humanoid. While the paste is applied over a humanoids exposed skin, trolls suffer disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks made to smell them. Additionally, the first time a troll attempts a melee attack on any creature coated in this substance, the troll must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or else suffer disadvantage on the attack. These effects last for 1 hour. While the paste is applied, creatures coated in it suffer disadvantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell.   Additionally, creatures that are fond of consuming insects have advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks made to smell the creature.   Trolls are notorious for their ability to eat and consume anything. There are however studies that show certain chemical interactions with even the most common of substances is known to be off-putting to your garden variety troll. Then again, its debatable just exactly what your garden variety troll is.  

16. Understudies Dormitory

This dormitory contains five pairs of bunks and 10 trunks. A wooden bathing tub occupies most of the northwestern corner.
Creatures: 2 Cult Fanatics
All trunks are locked. The understudies have the keys. DC15 lock. Each has a spellbook and 10d10 gold.  

17. Library

This room is stuffed with thousands of books, most of them ancient, moldering tomes of thick leather.
The books are of philosophy, extra planar physics and other subjects.
Creatures: 8 Cult Fanatics

18. Siebkrons Chokepoint

This room is entirely made of mirrors, each joined seamlessly to create a dizzying display that distorts your depth perception. There appears to be a thin golden chain hanging from the ceiling, though its difficult to tell its exact position.
  The Chain - Alerts Siebkron.
DC15 Search - Reveals the door to the east.
DC15 Search - Ceiling, reveals small mirrored box.
Door - Touching the door without utter the command word "Cipher" releases a trap
Trap - DC15 half for each strike. Chain Lightning that can hit multiple targets. (10d8-8d8-6d8 etc..)
The west door is locked. The understudies keys work.  

19. Siebkrons Quarters

(Recommend the party takes notes on the description of this room)
The floor of this comfortably room is adorned with a rich rug. A desk sits opposite the rooms door and is cluttered with various papers, books and writing instruments. There is a wall safe of high quality. Blankets and pillows lie on a large, four poster bed.   Desk: Has a Polybius Square on it. (See sidebar).   Wall safe: Break DC30. Thieves tool DC30. In the center is a dial with A-Z.
Contents: Journal 1 (See Sidebar), Journal 2 (See Below), Heart-shaped glass (heartlock component).   Journal 2: The entire journal is a ton of letters. The first few words are: 23-45 34-51-31-24-51-44-34 11-24-51-13-11-33-45
23 would be 2nd column, 3rd row.
Group 1: 1_A_B_C_D_E
Group 2: 2_F_G_H_IJ_K
Group 3: 3_L_M_N_O_P
Group 4: 4_Q_R_S_T_U
Group 5: 5_V_W_X_Y_Z
If they solve the puzzle, it will take a long time to deduce the rest but they can find a treasure map. Let them know after the adventure they can spend time solving the remainder to learn its contents, but it is long.   Inhabitants: Siebkron might be here  

20. Sally Port

This difficult to see door can be found (see outside) with a DC20 Perception check from inside or outside.  

Upper Level

The Factor Upper (26x36).jpg

21. Upper Redoubt

If the party defeats the trolls, Gilean has placed his personal guard here. They stand on the battlements and await the party, attacking as they enter.   Creatures: 6-12 Cult Fanatics
Trap: The ramp going up to the ramparts will collapse half way. DC15 Dex to avoid, DC15 perception to see, DC20 to notice during combat. 1d6 damage and fall prone to the bottom.  

22. Former Conjuring Chamber

This entire room is painted with a large conjuring circle, otherwise it appears empty
This was used to summon creatures but has no effect otherwise  

23. Private Guard Quarters

This room contains numerous cots, clothing, and other gear
Loot: Searching through you find lots of mundane armor, love letters, jugs of home brewed alcohol, dice and card games and other mundane items. If you sold it all it could be worth 250g, mark it "guard items", otherwise this room contains little of value to adventurers.  

24. Armory

This room is filled with mundane weapons and armor
Loot: Contains 500 arrows, two dozen longbows, 20 longswords, 4 suits of leather armor, 2 breastplates and 2 sets of full plate.  

25. Hall of the Tentacle

This room has a large trench in the center but otherwise appears to be a long hallway.
The guards do not enter this room. It has a trench in the center, with narrow ledges on each end. after entering, a giant tentacle the size o a tree rises, probing the walls and ceiling.   This is simply a permanent illusion, spells and effects go right through, and can can be noticed with a successful DC20 perception or Wisdom DC20 to disbelieve it.  

26. Gearwork Storage

This room is filled with hundreds of empty crates, boxes and chests. Some scattered clockwork gears lie scattered about the room, including gears, spools, cable, sprockets, rivets and lumber as well as shatters glass. a loud rumbling emanates from the south, accented by the occasional human scream. The room is warmer than all the previous chambers, with heat flowing from the south. Every few seconds a tremor passes through the buildings foundation.
Nothing else of interest is in this room  

27. Gileans Study

The eastern side of this room appears to be lined with bookshelves. A rich carpet of emerald green covers the floor and an antique mahogany desk sits in the center of the room, along with a chair. Several items rest on the desk, and a large oil painting on the eastern wall depicts a woman in a luxurious gown.   The books seem to detail the goddess Muir, the god Orcus and the Plane of shadow, and advanced theories of engineering. One of the scrolls seems to be a childs drawing of a farm scene. In crooked, uncertain letters, the inscriptions reads,"TO DADDY, LOVE KATYA"   This should be a major revelation to the group,  

28. Untended Hall

This hallway appears to emanate heat even more so than the previous chamber
Nothing of interest.  

29. The Smelter

This large room contains a gruesome sight. A large, red skinned creature and numerous beings resembling dwarves on fire are working diligently to shovel piles of people into a massive complex forge, with a conveyor belt leading off to the next room. As you enter, they all stop to look at the intrusion.   Creatures: Fiyad Efreeti and numerous Azer. They are bound to Gilean, and will only attack if hostilities are done. They are unlikely to be surprised, and do not care about the PC's problems. if the party passes by them, let the party know they see the panicked look in peoples eyes and the haunting screams as they are shoveled into the furnace one by one. The smell of burnt flesh is something you are unlikely to forget.   Purpose: The artifact burns victims and transforms their souls into Soul ingots (small yellow swirling ingots). This is then used to power the Soul Engine (next room) to bore its way into the Plane of Shadow, which is being diverted by Gileans Subordinate Siebkron into the Negative energy Plane.  

30. Chamber of the Soul Engine

The conveyor belt leads to an open doorway to an apparatus even more sinister in appearance than the smelter. Standing in the center of this circular chamber is a device of intricate gears, spinning wheels, and slamming pistons, crackling with discharges of magic and pulsating with unholy life. There is a dark portal nearby that somebody has just stepped inside. Standing next to the whirling machine is a portal of darkness.   The drill is indestructible. If the party shoves the Quill of Clemency into it, it is destroyed.


Gilean Vel.png
Gilean Vel
Gray Ooze.png
Gray Ooze
Stone Golem.png
Stone Golem
Zinaida Quespar.png
Zinaida Quespar
Cult Fanatic.png
Cult Fanatic
Shadow Mastiff.png
Shadow Mastiff
Siebkrons Note.png

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