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2. The Sawmill

This area is to provide clues to the Circus, and to meet Estabon the celestial agent who gives the party the artifact sword.
• Party treks through woods, on the trail of Ghouls
• Finds the Sawmill
• There are 3 necromancers under Gilean Vels control
• They are kidnapping people by paralyzing them with ghouls
• They then get delivered to the Circus, and then finally to the swamp.   Lugatorix, Scahtoch and Chulainne are necromancers (Creature Codex, Kobold Press). Lugatorix is in [2], Scahtoch and Chulainne are down in [6].   Estabon is an agent of Muir sent to aid the party, and is "captured" down in [9]   Information: All three know the Circus location and that is where they deliver bodies.  
Sawmill (42x42).jpg

1. Outer Grounds

Standing on the bank of a small river is a large single story building. The area seems well traveled.   The Front door is barred (DC25 break), the side door is unlocked.
Traps: Ghouls are buried under the mud and more Ghouls are in the cart. The four red squares are the Alarm spell.  

2. Saw Room

The room smells of wet sawdust, spoiled earth and rotting flesh. A large circular saw is mounted to a work table that is attached to a series of cogs connected to the external wheel. A spiral staircase leads into the depths. Two more doors lead to the north.   Creatures: Some ghouls and likely the Necromancers (at least 2) make a stand here. They activate the saw, and the ghouls try to drag people into it (5d6 slashing damage)  

3. Last Sanctuary

Lugatorix will flee here, use the crystal ball to contact Gilean.   Loot:
Crystal Ball of Sending - Once per day you may contact a Willing target you are familiar with. This establishes a psychic connection that lasts for 10 minutes or until you break concentration with the orb. This functions like telepathy and allows two way communication. It has no range, but does not function across planar boundaries.
Chest: Contains three odly shaped wooden clubs (History: These are jugglers clubs).
Chest: Find a beautiful swept sabre (highly magical, see [9]), fine traveling clothes, and a garishly plumed hat.  

4. Hidden Wine

This room has a simple table and racks of broken bottles
Creatures: Contains Ghasts
Treasure: Three bottles remain intact. Fine wine 40g each.
One strange fat bottle. Eversmoking Bottle
Trapdoor: DC10 Investigation, leads to area [7]
Sawmill Cellar (16x16).jpg

5. Main Living Quarters

Old masters quarters, it is now ruined due to the undead.  

6. Ruined Kitchen

This is in much better condition, and was the halflings old kitchen. It has wooden floors.
Secret: Under the table, there is a carving that resembles a humans open chest cavity with four hearts placed evenly beneath the ribs.  

7. Broom Closet

Secret door in the back that ascends to area 4  

8. Room of Lost Dreams

This room is painted in bright and cheerful colors that have faded over time. Various toys are scattered about the room
Treasure: Nothing  

9. Silent Screams

This chamber smells heavily of freshly dug earth and sweat. Hanging inside the tunnel are baggy pantaloons, brightly colored vests and canisters of white and red greasepaint. A bright orange wig sits on a coat hook. On the floor are piles upon piles of bodies lying motionless.
There is a tag on the uniforms, labeled "The Song and Sorrow Traveling Shadow Show"
They are paralyzed from the ghouls and most are alive! 41 total, Mostly peasants. They will wake up over time. Estabon wakes up first.   Mathfrid - Lothairs son is here   Estabon Sancho, poet, knight errant and at your service - Asks about his blade, Gilwyr. He will bow, then lay the sword at their feet as a gift. (see the end)   Estabon turns to leave, and he begins to recite a poem that echoes through the cavern:  
Darkness Spills across the land
Evil whispers close at hand
At its heart a shadow stalks
She sings from heaven of a curse
A lover dead, a daughter worse
For a child to be whole
A thousand souls and more he stole
Engines from the darkest dreams
Tear the sky and rend the seams
Wheels and cogs that will not slow
Sundered by the lightest blow
When the sword has failed to win
Change the will and try again
With earnest heart, appeal above
The Muse may send her gift of love
Either miracle is done
Halt the doom or heal the one
When our life, our self is lost
When we learn to count the cost
Love will then transform and reign
And free us from a life of pain
  The Quill of Clemency This is an artifact. After attuning, the bearer learns that it serves some divine purpose, and when it comes you will know. They also learn that it command it as a bonus action to take any form. This can be any nonliving object up to the size of a greatsword in area. As a weapon, it provides BONUS.
Special Purpose: It can break the Soul Engine OR cure Katya, but only one of these effects.   Conclusion The party should now know of a strange circus, and head to the Song and Sorrow Traveling Shadow Show



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