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06 - 1/18

With the orcs subdued and the secret entrance found, the group descended into the depths of the Castle. In the small circular chamber the group focused their eyes, even with darkvision it was difficult to see the surroundings. Suddenly a circle of six skeletons ignited to life, three lit with flames glowing from their interior and three radiating a frigid aura of frost.   The group quickly deduced that they seemed bound together, a triangle periodically shot between them and ignited that area with the respective damage type. Edea used the ladder to rain down attacks on the foes while the rest did their best to avoid the aura. It also seemed that the fire one was weak to frost and the frost one weak to fire, and would not die until hit by what they were weak by. Thankfully Edea was able to switch elemental types and act as the executioner, and the continued attacks by the group began to slowly kill the undead enemies.   Shortly after the fight began, the failed lich Eralions spectral form entered from the crypt and assaulted the party! While the combined forces of the skeletons and the failed lich proved a difficult group of enemies, after a hard-fought battle the party stood victorious! Some plunder was found in the crypt, and the group ascended to the surface to celebrate their victory.

Important Characters

Edea Lockehart.png
Edea Lockehart
Armored Fire Skeleton.png
Armored Fire Skeleton
Armored Skeleton.png
Armored Frost Skeleton

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