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The People of Ularr

The men and women of Ularr are folk hardened by the desert winds. Their bodies, minds, and souls are built for a single propose, to survive. With the rise of modern technology this goal has become easier to active each day, yet still the desert is fickle with it's favor. A random drought could wipe an entire town from the map, or an unexpected bombing from a rival nation might destroy the only tumble farm for miles, letting whole cities starve.  

A Land of War

Ularr is called that desert of blood for a reason. The five great nation of the sands are in constant battle with each other, their wars running hot and cold. They battle over land, power, and oil, the blood of Ularr. All of the nations are built for war, all posses massive stockpiles of powerful
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weaponry and a highly mobilizable population. The people of Ularr are all poisoned by the propaganda of their nation, believing that all not of their country are terrible monsters of some sort or that they warship deamons or something.

Under Yatyan's Hand

Most ularrians practice some form of Yatyanism. Whether they follow the cruel tyrannical tenants of Silria or the peaceful ancient ways of the naga the power of Yatyan finds it's way into almost every Ularrian's life.

The Five Laws

Ularrian society is governed by five basic laws of human conduct outlined in the Hetyemily. These rules are "followed" by almost every Yatyanist in Ularr, except of coarse the people in power.
To Your Lord You Shall Always Be Loyal: Loyalty to Yatyan is the first duty of any man.   To Your Blood Your Shall Be Grateful: One must honor and trust your family.   No Blessed Blood Shall you Spill: (ignored) do not kill or injure others of your faith.   Give Honor to the Holy Men: Honor and respect your leaders and the priests of Yatyan.   No Blessed Blood Shall you Rob From: (sort of ignored) do not steal from those of your nation.

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Ularrian names are often mean something. The people of Ularr believe that the name a parent gives to their child has a huge effect on the child's life.  

Family Names

Last names in Ularr are often the profession that the family is most know for examples include: Satra (traveler), Mindara (priest), Simrikaa (farmer), Sudemara (warrior), or Hestempeira (weaver).  

Common Male Names

Male's are often named for a good quality their father wishes them to posses. Common examples are Jentricit (sharp one), Yetfedire (God's Will), Hundifea (strong one), Ketfeto (many sons), Holdnemar (unwavering)

Common Female Names

Mothers will often names their daughters after a aspect of nature they find most connected to their baby. Examples: Henrara (desert wind), Granista (void commit), Keslara (sweet water).

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