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This is the homepage for the Emerald Canticle stormhost. The Emerald Canticle is a fictional stormhost of Stormcast Eternals invented for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The Emerald Canticle is a fan-project devised, written, built, and painted by Shadowclaimer.


The Emerald Canticle is a stormhost of Stormcast Eternals crafted by Sigmar for warfare in the realm of Ghyran against Nurgle. Each warrior is chosen from a noble soul who's final actions resonated upon the green wind loud enough for Sigmar to hear them and snatch them away from Chaos and Nagash. Most of the souls have bore witness to the atrocities of Nurgle and have empathy in their hearts towards those suffering his horrors.   Many of the warriors of the Emerald Canticle are drawn from the former inhabitants of the Jade Kingdom of Verandon. Its ruins serve as the primary setting of the Emerald Canticle's actions in Ghyran.


The events that make up the verses of the Song of Life.

Current Activities

  • The arrival of the Purifying Hymn, Call of the Storm, and Bellowing Hull Sacrosanct chambers as reinforcements are welcome, but there is palpable concern over how they view the newfound culture of the veterans of the host. A rift is forming between those whose loyalties are in Azyr and those whose loyalties lie with Verandon and Ghyran.
  • The Wild Mantra Vanguard Chamber has answered the call for aid from Hammerhal-Ghyra and has been dispatched to assist in the campaign at Lake Bykaal, Shyish. (Animosity II)
  • The recent ascension of Morathi has driven a wedge between her and the Anathites in Verandon. They no longer report their blood tithes to Hagg Nar and have begun strictly worshiping Anath.
  • The Grand Orrery foretells a mighty ascent of green magic in the heavens as life waxes and death wanes. Though most see this as the ascension of their deities and powers, others foretell a great imbalance beginning.
  • The Necroquake grows silent and rumors of the cause of such are met with great jubilation in the nation of Verandon. The Tomb of Ancient Blood lies silent for the first time in years and its guardians are given free reign to seek revenge upon the shards of death in the region. The hunt for the dead begins.
  • A strange storm envelops regions of Kurnotheal. Vanguard-Hunters sent to investigate report branded demons gathering and worse still, those slain have their souls devoured by the storm and are denied ascension to Azyr. The Jade Council decrees no chamber leaves for action without a Lord-Natum or Lord-Relictor watching over them.
  • Lord-Commander Verithion Jadecrown calls together the Jade Council, notifying the Lords to summon their chambers for a wild hunt into Hysh. (Animosity III)

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When the god-king calls how will they answer?

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The land Sigmar decreed must be fought and held.