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Dr. Seward Bronzehart

Dr. Seward H. Bronzehart

Dr. Seward Bronzehart helped spearhead the Modern Psychology movement of Candora that helped change the treatment of the mentally ill. He was famously interested in murders and with the help of Jordan Wrynskovski , he began to study them and helped write a guide to understanding murders.   Because of Dr. Bronzehart, reform was brought to Candanese metal health practices and new techniques were incorporated into investigations,

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dr. Seward Bronzehart was born in Merkers Claw to Dr. Rowland Bronzehart and Cassie Bronzehart. Seward's father was a firm believer that magic was not required to heal the sick. He taught this belief to Seward, which resulted in him having a very poor opinion of mages, an opinion quite rare in this world.   When Seward was 14, his family moved to Mel'Morri where they had some family. Seward's Aunt, Hilda Browne had slowly been going crazy and he got to spend very little time with her, even though she was part of the reason his family moved to Candora . In those few visits with her, Seward grew fascinated by the fact that something like that could happen to a human being.   Once Seward was of age he attended the Elderpeak Academy of Medicine back home in Merkers Claw. Although he wanted to study psychology, his father pushed him to study anatomy. Seward failed to grasp several of the subjects thrown at him, until he went against his fathers wishes and changed his studies from anatomy to psychology.   Seward did very well in these classes and always made sure he went above and beyond. He eventually wrote a paper that could cause the Imperial Institution of Medicine to take an interest in him and get him a scholarship to the best medical school in Devrun, The Imperial Academy of Medicine.   During his studies, Seward would become apprenticed to a doctor at a Candanese Asylum where he would realize how terrible the conditions were. Disgusted, Seward would begin writing under the pen name Joseph Rogue and begin talking about the changes that must be made. He even brought it up with his colleges, but their limited understanding of psychology made them think that there was no way to understand the crazy.   No matter what he did, no one listened to him until he met Abigayle Blake. Abigayle was a student at the Krenalia Academy of Medicine who had a relative in one of the Asylums and was disgusted with the conditions they lived in. Abigayle introduced Seward to several other people who shared her views that were trying to petition the Candanese government to change their policies. With the help of Seward, they would kickstart the Modern Psychology Movement that would eventually bring medical reform to the Empire.   Not long after they started the movement, Seward married Abigayle when he was 23 and she was 18. They would eventually have three children, Harold, Louise and Jordan.   Around the time of the Pearl Lake Murders, Seward was still working to bring reform. The entire thing interested him and he contacted Imperial Inspector Jordan Wrynskovski (who was his son's name sake). With Inspector Wrynskovski's help, Seward managed to get the murder placed in an asylum he was working with and started to study him.   After a week Seward had made several discoveries about the murder and would have made more if it hadn't been for the fact the murder committed suicide. This didn't stop Seward's studies.   He continued to work with Inspector Wrynskovski to study murderers and would eventually release his most famous work, The Minds of Killers, which he co-authored with Jordan. This work is what would end up bring medical reform to Candora regarding the treatment of the mentally ill. Not everything would go well for Seward though, as shortly after the release of his work, he was killed by a rogue patient


Seward studied anatomy at the Elderpeak Academy of Medicine, and briefly studied psychology there as well before receiving a scholarship to the Imperial Academy of Medicine. There he would graduate with Imperial Honors in the field of psychology.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Seward worked with Jordan Wrynskovski to write the first study of a murder which helped reform Candanese medical practices concerning the mentally ill. He helped draft The Mental Accords, which was the set of laws that Doctors now had to follow.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Doctor of Psychology
1484 - 1531 (Died 47 years old)
Darlingside, Candanese Occupied Mekers Claw
Biological Sex
Long, blonde
Aligned Organization
Imperial Institution of Medicine

Famous Sayings

  “A man is nothing without his mind. Therefore we must preserve the mind.”   “He’s not insane. He just doesn’t think like us.”

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