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Devish Common Currency

In 1420 an Ivoran by the name of Winoc Arthur had a brilliant idea. It was so brilliant in fact, he was surprised no one else had ever though of it. He quickly shared his idea with a banker from The Empire of Candora named Clyde Bowers who was rather impressed.   Winoc Arthur had come up with the idea to use a common currency in Devrun.   Beforehand trade had been beyond difficult in Devrun with merchants often getting cheated out of their money. Winoc and Clyde took into account all of the currencies used in the South and made two simple coins that would change the world of trade.  

Currency before Devish Common Currency

"I'm a historian, and I study things so I can understand them thoroughly. I have studied the old currencies and I can't even grasp them. Thank what ever is out there from Arthur and Bowers."
— -Mark Potts, not being the cynic he normally is.
  Before the creation of the common currency the Ivoran currency was the most complicated thing you would ever see.   The original Ivoran currency consisted of metal coins called Cannieas de Ivora. There were different varietions of the coins. Bronze Cannieas de Ivora were called Fruent. Silver Cannieas de Ivora were called Aents. Then the gold Cannies de Ivora were called Orents.   There were also square pieces of metal called Fraux, that represented one piece of each Cannieas de Ivora.   Cannieas de Ivora represented a small price, and some shops called for half a Fruent. Coins were often cut in half, unless you had a had a Demient, which was worth had a Fruent., or a Parpent, which was worth half a Aent, or if you had half of a Quarent, which was worth 1/4 of a Orent. 17 1/2 Fruents was equal to an Aent.   65 3/4 Aents was worth a Orent.   Half coins (Demient, Parpent or a Quarent) had no proper conversion rules, and were very rarely minted. Often times, half coins were simply half the size of their full priced counter part.1   In Candora people were using large gold pieces called Candors. The Candor's worth was based on weight and had to be trimmed down to make sure that no one was getting cheated out of their money. The trimming would create issues as after a while, merchants couldn't tell if they were minted by the Empire and they refused to take them.  

The Common Currency

  Devish Common Currency only uses two coins. The Round and the Spade.   Both of these coins are made to be broken into four separate pieces that are 1/4 of the coins value. 80 rounds are the equivalent of 1 spade.   Trade has become easy in the south and most of the old coins now sit in museum collecting dust.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Owning Organization
Arthur and Bowers Bank of Devrun
Raw materials & Components
Spade: Silver   Round: Bronze or Copper
A coin press is used on large sheets of metal to produce more coins.


I remember the market place two years after the introduction of the Common Currency. There was so much less screaming… it was great. That's how I knew I did a great Deities d----d service to this world.
— Winoc Arthur


  1 It has been confirmed that most Ivoran bankers of the time got so frustrated with the system that they just started handing people random coins that lead to the Bank Collapse of Ivora. The Common Currency helped take Ivora out of its Depression, and made a lot of bankers happy. After the introduction of DCC, less banker suicides were reported and the Bankers all threw the biggest party they could. However, any party thrown by bankers is boring and this one was no exception.

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