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Settled on the edge of the Dovenwald River, Ashview is one of the oldest settlements on Aeirs.   Lumberjacks Tamers Hunters Scholars - to study the Ashenkeys Fishers Miners- upstream  
History banner
Two hundred years ago... this wasn't much more than a camp. And today? Well it isn't much more if you ask me.   If you trace far enough back into recorded history you might discover that Ashview was one of the first settlements on Aeirs, not that anyone currently living there seems to care. The riverside settlement is rather relaxed as far as being part of the empire is concerned and while the Mayshard has influence over its day to day activities it doesn't really seem to show.    
Government banner
Ashview is overseen by an appointed official of May, but they may as well not even be there as the township is quite lawless for the most part. Sure there are city guard and a military presence but they'll quite quickly turn a blind eye to most dealings if it means they'll benefit out of it somehow.    
Defences banner
The only real defences to speak of in Ashview are the military presence and large boarderwall However they also have a decent group of arcane practitioner's garrisoned there to study the Ashenkeys who can potentially act as defenders if need be    
Industry banner
Due to the presence of the Ashenwalds the aptly named Ashview gained its main form of industry. The Calantra tree is a stout, red-barked tree with deep brown wood. It has a thick trunk with very little side branches, the canopy consists of a gnarly crown of many small interwoven branches. The tree is as hardy alive as it is dead, being known to even survive dragons flame and as such its flame resistant properties make it sought after for construction materials in boats and buildings.The wood hewn from such uncommon trees made for very effective building material and so the township began exporting it to other early settlements.   Today the lumber is not so highly sought after but there is still enough of a demand that the township makes enough coin off of exports to sustain itself and its small amount of ship building and weapon building industry.  
Infrastructure banner
No skydock Riverside dock Sealed roads Aqueducts Lumberyards Farm lands of -cattle- and -groves- and -barley-  
Guilds & Factions banner
Apothecary Merc Druidic Mercantile  
Architecture banner
Cobblestone roads Dark Calantra Tree lumber makes up the majority of the supports for buildings within Ashview Riverside Stone wall docks Dark green/bronze metallic enchanted lantern poles line the streets Light grey and tan colored tiles adorn larger buildings  
Geography banner
Located on the Dovenwald river Fields Minor Forests Hilly Region  
Resources banner
Calantra Tree Lumber Gathered herbs and plants Hunted Creatures Some minor Artifacts Minor metal works Greater Clay and stone works    
Demographics banner
50% Human 15% Halflings 10% Dwarf 10% Gnome 10% Other 5% Half Elves

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