Sho'run starfighter

Developed in late ER 623 and made available in ER 625, the Sho'run is understandably the oldest single craft the Neshakushin Empire have developed. Designed for interception duties, the craft has fast and agile and well equipped but lacks a bit in shielding. In ER 701, it had some of its armor improved upon to give it more survivability in a hostile engagement.   A civilian version of the craft was created for the police force in ER 751. Currently, it is the only starfighter that the Neshakushin have that is devoted to anti-fighter roles.  

About Sho'run

Designed for dog-fighting, the Sho'run derives its name from its appearance; it is equipped with four close-range cannons and two heavy engines for it to help in its role as an interceptor. Although it is fast and agile, along with a decent weapons package, it still lacks in armor and shielding, causing the pilot to rely solely on their own skills to survive.  


When the Neshaten finally re-established their presence in space, they decided to create the Sho'run as the first line of defense. Designed in ER 623, and then completed in ER 625, the Shu'gon is an interceptor that is well known to raiders and pirates as being something that is rather difficult to outrun.   Although it is fast and agile, the designers decided not to include heavy armor or lots of shielding in order for it to accomplish its role. Because of that, some pilots often refer to it as a 'flying coffin.'  


  ~image~   Shaped like a bloated pitchfork, the Sho'run has two points jutting out the front end that hold some of the crafts sensor systems while four cannon holes located just forward of the cockpit are the location of the weapon systems.   The angled and curved hull gives it the ability to operate well in an atmosphere; both of its engines are located in the rear with a tail stabilizer in the back.   Located just behind the cockpit is a storage compartment for the pilot to store emergency supplies and items.  


  • Fast Interceptor
  • Light armor plating
  • Landing skids
  • Water-born
  • Four cannons


Life Support

The Sho'run is equipped with an on-board life support system that allows the pilot to remain comfortable in the cockpit during long patrols. There are oxygen tanks on-board with feed lines that can be feed into the pilots armored body suit, these tanks allow for up to ten hours of oxygen.  

Emergency Systems

Although no pilot ever hopes for it, the Sho'run has two emergency systems. The first is a canopy ejection system, which allows the pilot to jettison the canopy in the event that their craft is heavily damaged and that it can't make it back to base or in the event they crash. The second is a locator beacon, located behind the pilot’s seat, which can be engaged either manually or automatically.  


The Ga'la'rious is equipped with two fighter-designed Crena Energy Engine for propulsion.  


Due to its combat role, the Sho'run has electro-magnetic shielding.  


The fighter is equipped with a high-grade quantum computer designed to operate the scouts functions including its sensors and engines while the pilot flies the craft. A small backup computer is used for lesser craft functions.  

Landing Skids

Three pairs of skids, one located forward, and two located on the left and right of the craft, allow it to land on smooth surfaces or even on water.  


The Sho'run is equipped with a SC-Basic Sensor Package.  

Anti-gravity system

As is common-place on Neshaten craft, the Sho'run is fitted with a standard anti-gravity system allowing it to take off and land vertically but also to hover in the air over a target location. Unlike on larger ships, the anti-gravity system found on small fighters allows it to float in the air no matter whether it is right-side up or upside down - it just can not float with it's nose pointed directly down or directly up.  


The Sho'run is a first generation fighter, its forward weapon points are modular, allowing for the weapons to be switched out. Currently, the Sho'run is only capable of using one of two different weapon systems, or the system can be mixed up - with two of each.   It has only four forward weapon mounts, default weapon load out is two laser cannons and two disabler cannons, however, this can be altered depending on the pilots preference or if a situation demands it.  

Plasma Star Cannons

  Location: Forward mounts Purpose: Anti-Fighter Secondary: Anti-shield  

Disabler Cannon

  Location: Forward mounts Purpose: Disabling ships Secondary: Anti-shield


Class Starfighter
Nomenclature Ne-V2-A1
Type Interceptor
Designers Xe'karious Sho'run
Manufacturer Shukara Volunteer Navy 
Organizations Neshakushin Empire, Shukara Volunteer Navy


Length 17 meters
Wingspan 9 meters
Height 3 meters


  • Atmospheric
    • Cruise 1,983 Kph
    • Max 2,932 Kph
  • Sublight Engines: .075c


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