Neshakushin Empire

The Neshakushin are a multi-cultural Empire, they are known to their people for being militaristic but also peaceful, not wanting to start wars with others but rather instead just to be left to their own devices.  


The Neshakushin hail from Kushin Prime in the Sooka Star System. The Nesha, although more commonly known as the Kushin, have been living on Kushin Prime for many thousands of years - but their society, their culture, has seen many bloody wars that often set them back both technologically but also culturally. They've had over eight great world wars, and three intersystem wars that have taken the lives of countless trillions of people. Now, the Kushin people are ready to put aside their bloody past.  


The Neshakushin have structured their government in such a way that each part of it has a role to play, this allows for information to be transferred freely from one group to another. Departments are required to provide aid to other departments, to provide information freely and without bias, and also to provide aid in the event of problems. The Kushin people also have multiple oversight committees that monitor the government departments, ensuring that all of them follow the law and the Federation Constitution.  

Central Government

The Neshakushin are ruled by a monarch, but their monarch is split between that of the Civilian and Military sides. The Emperor handles all military related matters, and is considered the commander and chief of all military operations. On the other hand, the Empress handles all civilian affairs, her sole goal is to ensure that the Federation's civilian population is kept well and treated fairly by all. Despite the amount of power that the Emperor and Empress seem to have on the surface, the reality is that most of government's power is actually in the hands of the civilians due to a constitution written up by the first Emperor and Empress.
  Being a Empire means that the Kushin are a Union, in this case, a Union of five Kingdom's. Each of the five Kingdom's sends a representative that makes up the Civilian Advisory Council, this council advises the Emperor and Empress on matters of state, war, and domestic policy; and speaks for the civilians as a whole.  

Major Kingdoms

Major Kingdoms refer to those whom have a lot of influence, every Kingdom has their own standing army and navy to protect their territory, under the Federal Constitution they must contribute at least 25% of their forces during peacetime, and 50%+ during wartime.  

Minor Kingdoms

Minor Kingdoms are different from major one's, they do not have any influence or power within the Empire although they are still permitted to serve on the council. They are required to contribute 90% of their standing military to the Federal Navy.  

Royal Family

The Royal Familly helps to maintain peace and stability between the civilian and military sides of the Federation, by ensuring that there is a voice for both.  


The Senate is one of the branches of government overseen by the royal family, and is where the majority of decisions are made in regards to the Federation.   Royal Senate  


Each of the five Kingdom's has its own territory, this territory can be anywhere from one or multiple star systems, however, the five Kingdom's do not actually *own* the Sooka Star System, as its the seat of power, of government, of the entire Federation so instead its territory is controlled by all five Kingdom's as a show of unity.
Kingdom Specialty
Sin'cren None
Fuk'rashe Energy
Mana'she Kingdom Military
Lue Education
Viceshen Agricultural

Local Governments

Most planets or star systems located within the Federation have their own local government which functions beneath the Kingdom who rules that territory. This local government takes care of most domestic concerns within that territory and most of these governments are allowed their autonomy and freedom to legislate as they wish, so long as they do not conflict with the constitution or laws setup by the Federation.  

Sooka Star System

The Sooka Star System is the seat of power for the Neshakushin Empire, Kushin Prime is broken up into five territories each controlled by one of the five Kingdom's, this allows for the planet to be unified under the Empire.  

Governmental Organizations

The following make up the organizational structure of the government.
  • Division of Colonization
  • Division of Education
  • Division of Commerce and Trade
  • Division of Diplomacy
  • Division of Justice and Security
  • Division of Agriculture
  • Division of Finance
  • Division of Environmental Management
  • Division of Health Management
  • Division of Customs Enforcement
  • Division of Transportation
  • Division of Colonial Guard and Management
  • Kushin Royal Navy

Independent Organizations

These particular organizations are independent of the government, but still serve a role within it.
  • Huma'kushe


Originally known as the Kushin, the Neshakushin were formed in the year of 001, following the end of the tenth Great World War that lead to the deaths of almost 4 billion people. Their federation having survived for many thousands of years, they have since had to flee their home galaxy amidst destruction brought about by their owns hands - now they are in the process of rebuilding, learning from the past, and hoping not to repeat it.   For more information on the past: view the History article.  


All of the territories of the Empire are listed here.  

More Details

Government Type Feudal Monarch
Current Royal Family Sadak'arian
Empress Yuki Hayato Nori Bo'tanius
Emperor Yoshiro Natsuko Mizuki Bo'tanius
Oversight Populanty Committee
Government Branches
Societal Information
Capital TennĊmae
Language Tinacen
Currency Ruhan Coin
Shukaren 1,350,800,000 Trillion
My'leke 1,580,480,000 Trillion
Human 525,000,000 Million


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