Laser Star Cannons

The Laser Star Cannons are a starfighter based laser cannons developed exclusively for the Sho'run starfighter. They were designed during the same time as the Sho'run starfighter and went into service in ER 625.  


The LSC's were designed to help give the Sho'run an edge in close dog-fights. The cannon currently only has a single mode, that being a rapid fire mode. The Laser Star Cannon is a visible light based laser cannon that fires a golden beam. It uses a solid state system to produce the beam where capacitors in the rear of the weapon help to store up power for its rapid firing capabilities. Located just under the cannons barrel are targettings sensors that link up to a computer for use in targeting objects.
  Although the LSC's were designed to be used on fighters, they can also be mounted as a ground based weapon system or even used as starship based AAA's.  


When the Sho'run was being made, the designers needed to figure out the fighters weapon type. Plasma was the original concept weapon, but designers couldn't figure out a means create a fighter based plasma cannon that wouldn't explode the moment the weapon was fired. Due to time constraints, however, they couldn't fix this problem so instead they switched over to the tried and true laser.   The Laser Star Cannons were created during the development process of the fighter, allowing the Sho'run engineers to optimize the fighters power systems to operate well with the lasers. However, during the initial testing phases, engineers had problems controling a power issue that cropped up everytime the cannons fired. In order to solve this issues, capacitors were installed that not only solved the power problems but it also gave the cannons the ability to rapidly fire.   Along with the Sho'run, the Engineers also designed the cannons to be used in things other than the fighters.
Class Weapon System
Type Energy Weapon
Designer Neshakushin Empire
Manufacture Shukara Volunteer Navy
Production Mass Production
Purpose Anti-Fighter
Rate of Fire One shot every two seconds
Firing Arc Forward firing only
Payload Effectively Unlimited as long as the reactor remains active


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