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Captain Orgruk

Captain Remi "One Fang" Orgruk (Octember 29th, 850 – Ecaro 21st, 891) was a Half-Orc privateer, who spent most of her career as a pirate hunter. Her inspirational leadership, courage and clever tactics brought about the capture of over a hundred pirate vessels in the Peraduan Sea. She was wounded in combat, losing her left fang at age 28, in an unsuccessful attempt to catch the notorious pirate Harry Reynolds in 878 IR. She was fatally shot in 891 shortly before sinking Reynolds' ship, often considered her greatest victory. She commanded many ships during her life, but the most well-known was her Frigate "The Sawtooth". Her popularity amongst the people led to many pulp, dime-store adventure novels being written about her exploits (not all of which are true).   Orgruk was born into a moderately prosperous family in Estimonde and ran away from home at age 8. Little is known of her childhood, but she travelled to Baileymena as a girl and began mingling with seamen in taverns, eventually obtaining work onboard ships. She rose rapidly through the ranks and eventually earned enough money and valour to be granted her own commission. She developed a reputation for fiery determination in pursuit of her enemies, at one point chasing a pirate around the cape into the Adastra Archipelago. She obtained her first command at the age of 20 in 870 IR. She captured many pirates in the Peraduan Sea over the next ten years, and was accompanied on many of them by the writer Gustav O'Keyne, who kept a journal of her adventures.   Orgruk was killed by a sharpshooter in a pitched battle with the notorious pirate Harry Reynolds' fleet. Despite being outnumbered, she remained on deck after being shot, continuing to give her crew commands. Despite being outnumbered, Harry Reynolds' ship was sunk and The Sawtooth returned to Bailymena victorious, carrying Orgruk's body in a place of honour.   Orgruk is buried in the Imperial Cemetary in Bailymena, and is remembered as one of Skodia's most heroic figures.
Date of Birth
Octember 29th, 850 IR
Date of Death
Ecaro 21st, 891
852 IR 891 IR 39 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed in Combat


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