WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document

I, the natural log of physics, pledge to complete 10,000 words during World Ember 2020.
  After reading through Tarantellia, my to-do list, and meta page, I've discovered that La Chiave a Croce is sorely lacking information. Elaboration on this city will probably take most of my attention during WorldEmber.   The second focus will be a one-shot that I have been trying to write for my partner for four months now. It takes place in a border town near the edge of a forest in the middle of the Claw Continent.  

Complete List of Stubs

(as of November 8th in this, the year of the plague 2020)

Focus Stubs

To these ends, here are some stubs and ideas to expand upon. Article inspiration included where appropriate.

La Chiave a Croce

  • Leaf Reader
  • The Leaves
  • The Mindless
  • The Weaver's Guild

One-Shot Stubs

  • The Webbed Forest
  • Paula's Mansion

Tarantellia World Lore

  • Basi
  • Fae World
  • Glider
  • Weather and the World

Other Stub Options

Party, the First

  • Alphonse Dulear
  • Snowhaven
  • Bodha the Bearfoot
  • Iris
  • Kaleer
  • Victoria "Tori" Rosetti
  • Lady Auri
  • Lady Auri's Hideaway
  • Zolas' Cavern

Orie Country

  • Craei Grecofoxas
  • Dragon, Bea
  • Suggestibility
  • Vending Machines

Random Stubs

  • The Bake Scale
  • Treehouse Dungeon

Goals for World Ember 2020

  • Be Active on Discord
  • Keep Notifications below 100 (nearly 400 atm)
  • Follow Live Streams on Twitch
...   Oh yeah... And write 10,000 words. Minimum 333 words/day. Goal: 350 words/day.  
0/10,000 words

10 Writing Ideas Outside of Stubs


Cover image: Golden Clouds, speckled by Lauren Nelson


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Sage gfishbone
Greg R. Fishbone
14 Nov, 2020 23:14

Light up the forge! I love the idea of writing rewards with a roll chart.

Greg R. Fishbone, Author in Residence at Mythoversal.
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
15 Nov, 2020 14:53

Ditto what Greg said here. I *love* that you included that rewards roll chart. Here's hoping you get to use that a lot during WorldEmber!

16 Nov, 2020 21:58

Thanks Greg! While I didn't need it for Summer Camp, my NaNoWriMo attempt has been sorely lacking this year. I'm not going to give myself any excuse to slow down in December. ^_^ LUTF!

16 Nov, 2020 22:01

Thanks E. Christopher! I certainly hope so. We don't order out much in general so I'm dying to roll a bunch of nat 1's. Let's light up the forge!