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Fauna & Flora

Animal Life: abundant
Shukan: These dogs are small—only 12 inches tall at the most—and quick. They have curled tails, floppy ears, and two toned coats. They all have a base of white with a secondary or top colour of light brown, black, or grey. They function as messenger dogs but can be trained as watch dogs.
Keelai: These are very large dogs—standing at an average of 36 inches tall. They’re quite shaggy with long, whip-like tails and pointed ears. Coats are typically white though light grey ones appear on occasion. Grey ones are undesirable. They function as pack dogs. They can be trained to carry loads on their backs or to pull sleds either in teams or on their own.
Keelai aren’t very good in large groups and tend to be more solitary in nature than most dogs.
Lakai: A medium sized dog at 18 inches, these dark brown dogs appear to have a short haired coat. The fur is really quite dense and keeps the cold out very well. These are the most common sled pulling dogs but also can be trained to work as guard dogs.
Quilak: These are the most common dogs. They aren’t as large as the Keelai but are far easier to train and work much better in packs. On average, they’re about 28 inches tall with puffy black and brown coats, folded ears, curling tails, and very large paws. They can be trained to do almost anything.

Plant Life: abundant
Caribou moss
Arctic willow
Piaq moss
Snow Stars
Tuniq moss

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