Xorrick's Magic Box

"Once upon a time, in the ancient Da Lonsan, a demon was banished out of a ruler's body and sealed into a magical gold box that was then cut into several pieces as to never free the demon ever again."
— a former gambling addict

Supposedly hidden within the depths of the Town of Gold, the gambling town of Vort'Unar in Da Lonsan, this cube consists of several rectangular cuboids of different sizes, that, if assembled correctly, form this weirdly shaped object.

These pieces are supposed to have been hidden within the deserts of Da Lonsan, the greatest collection outside ancient tombs to be found in Vort’Unar within the town's vaults.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

In order to use this object, it not only has to be assembled, which is the required attunement process that binds this magical item to your soul, a process which takes at least one hour during which the pieces are changing their appearances through illusion magic.
Should a creature without the necessary free attunement slot attempt to assemble Xorrick's Magic Box, the pieces repel each other, making it comppletely impossible.
Failing takes a toll on your mind, but failing three times, gives you the following indefinite madness:"I gamble at every chance I get and I love betting, no matter what the odds are."   Upon completion of the three-dimensional puzzle after touching the correct symbols in the correct order, a golden cord connected to the box forms around the neck of the person who finishes the attunement process, becoming a necklace. This necklace cannot be taken off by any means and the attunement cannot be ended voluntarily, neither by the wearer, nor any outside forces short of a remove curse or wish spell.

Manufacturing process

The creation of the Magic Box is a well guarded secret, but supposedly, the box itself is an earth elemental of gold, inscribed by a highpriest, who gave their life to complete the seal. Somewhere in there, inscribed, is the true name of the demon Xorrick.


This magic box holds the essence of an ancient demon named Xorrick. Spoiler
Xorrick is able to attempt short-term possession of the current holder of the box.
Aside from that, Xorrick can summon a Deck of Illusions that replenishes all cards at dawn. Xorrick is unusually skilled in games and even those with luck/odds involved, sharing this power with the wielder of the box.
Xorrick can share all of those benefits with the wearer of the box.
The box' parts are one of the relics of Da Lonsan, thus the pieces that are available, are treasured and protected in secure locations. For not even the source of greed is safe from its grasping claws.
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Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Unique Artefact
1 lbs
about 5.9'' on each side of the cube
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Even when completed, this puzzle made of ancient gold inscribed with runes simply looks misshapen: Each of the 16 pieces is a differently sized rectangular cuboids, made entirely of gold, littered with runic symbols.
Rumors say the Rod of Law was involved in the sealing process, yet, other than no information on the ritual is known.


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