With a slight similarity to the smaller octopus, or bigger aberrations, Kraken are a gigantic kind of deep sea aberrations. As monsters of legends, tales of Kraken attacks are usually told by survivors who had only watched from afar.

Basic Information


Kraken are usually found to have a main-body, that started out as a sort of sack, a beak, and tentacles for propulsion and grasping. Often times however, Kraken don't follow this basic body plan anymore, due to a peculiar feature:   All Kraken have highly adaptable proteins and magical receptors that can stimulate growth and control mutations to an extent. On the one hand, this functions as a sort of security measure against cancerous growth, and on the other hand it is used for Individual-Enforced Voluntary Evolution.   Individual-Enforced Voluntary Evolution is a mechanism that Kraken use, paired with their magic and aberration like nature, in order to mutate their bodies in certain ways. This way, an individual can adapt in ways that would only be possible over years of evolution. as well as force tissue regeneration, even in specific ways, forming a hard, sword-like tail, where a tentacle with suckers used to be. This magical and biological process makes Kraken formidable foes, and causes them to differ wildly from individual to individual.

Biological Traits

Anatomy, amount of tentacles, size, form, colours, and patterns, differ tremendously from one to the next, but most Kraken feature a main body and tentacles.

Growth Rate & Stages

Kraken start out as tiny squids, growing in size for the first year. After that, the Kraken Squidling is about the size of a dagger, from whence on it simply feeds and grows further. After five years, the Kraken becomes the size of a rowing boat, upon which the real journey starts.

Additional Information

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

As hyperintelligent lifeforms, Kraken are not domesticate by Humanoids, and will not form alliances or even communicate with Humanoids actively if they can help it. However, there are a few notable exceptions: Kraken will use humanoids if it: -) serves them/for their own gain -) amuses them
These are exceptions that lead to some peculiar behaviour. Should certain vessels overfish or disturb the waters of a Kraken's territory, said Kraken might lead another vessel to it, trying to orchestrate naval combat, and then maybe destroy the victor. The Kraken perfectly know the difference between fishing, pirate, merchant, and military vessels. They even do the same with Dragon Turtles and other sea creatures.
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