Theologists of Church of the Blinding Light insist that humans were made in the closest image as the lowest common denominator between the gods.
In the meantime, scholars theorize that humanity, by quote of a divine entity, was a "(...) happy little freak-accident of nature, a morbid joke at its own expense, on the creation of its downfall.", having developed out of a bipedal breed of monkeys, and only coincidentally have the ability to procreate with, and are so close to most other Humanoid races.

Theories dictate, that those gods who did model their own creation, took humans as an inspiration for the finished attempt, infusing it then more to their likeness and with their own ideals. That said, no right-in-their-mind non-human humanoid would ever accept this theory. Even the most human looking of the Yunkha go even so far to proclaim, that while yes, they likely have some slight human heritage, are the logical next step of Evolution, and see it as their duty, to infiltrate and destroy those weak societies.

Humanoid Every-Man

Not a mortal on Tandor would consider starting a war with the humans, having completely obliterated any offense of Calandor towards Binn and Valleya, as well as any of their attempts to break forward towards Dadral to Crocuria.

In my time, I might've seen several tens to hundreths of thousands of human soldiers on the battlefield. We crushed them once. They came back, with more people, new weapons, new tactics, new warlords, just thirty years later, and then kept attacking. We had hardly received a noteworthy amount of reinforcement, when those monsters came back onto the battlefield with a new battalion. Like throwing shit against the wall, instead of honing their skills to perfection over a hundred years, they overran us, several times. Our mightiest warriors fell, to the sheer number, and out of their ranks spawned ever new "heroes" on the battlefield, that would be gone in the next fifty years, replaced by new ones spawned in the slaughter.
I choose fighting dragons before I head into a war of spite with a human country, as I watch them destroy their own lands for the gain of individuals.
— Contemporary witness report from a Calandorian Soldier
This and the adaptability and specialisation of individuals, form the backbone of human society.
Genetic Descendants


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