Emerald Jungles

The Emerald Jungles encompass nigh untouched or unexplored environments that were said to have housed a few early civilisations, some of which succumbed to their ecosystem, others were wiped out by intruders and guests, like dragons or other cultures.
Soon after establishing their situation in the deserts of Da Lonsan, the Da Lonsanians decided it is not worth the effort to lose more people to the dangerous flora and fauna, thus have ceased any attempt of communicating with Emerald Jungles residents.

Lost Treasure and Ancient People

Officially, there are no living residents in the Jungles, which is information given out by the Da Lonsanian government in order to deter adventurers, explorers and looters from the treasures that sleep in the jungle. In reality, the emerald junlges offer living remainders of civilisations and cultures, lost cities, ancient tombs, and a host of undead, awakened by curses. Some of these treasures have already made their way outside, specifically into the Sea Of Mist, where people experienced the full extent of their curses.


The jungles contain hills, upon which lay its vast trees.


Forest fires are contained and bring forth new life from the ashes. Where insects normally grow to puny sizes, the giant fly coming by is bound to blow and outsider's mind. Similarly to the gigantism of the Razorblade Range, the creatures here grow to enormous size, however, beings like Dinosaurs are only found on Ufral Island, due to the expansion of apex predators.

Ecosystem Cycles

The jungles live in an eternal cycle of consuming and thriving, consuming and thriving again. Upon the death of one creature, another will flourish. This is true for the carnivores that slay a beast to feed, for the herbivores and insects that feast on the bark, root, leaves and fruit of plants, the bacteria that decomposes the carnivore and herbivore carcasses on the jungle floor, and the plants, that then receive their nourishment from the nutritious soil.
The jungles, as the lungs of the planet, remain nigh untouched by the seasons. Within its own ecosphere, life continues to thrive regardless of weather or season.
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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