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Chamberlain Brielle

Brielle has no knowledge of her family or heritage and that suits her perfectly well. To her, that would be a distraction from her true purpose. To serve. She cleaned and tended to the temple of the Chain Maker as a youth. She acted as a house keeper to prominent Durager families as a young woman. And most recently she served as the chamberlain to a slavers' guild. Slavery is in her blood. Serving her master is the highest calling. And faith in the Chain Maker is the closest thing to love she's ever felt.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Pale, tall, fair skin free of scars or blemish, athletic body, long neck

Body Features

Hair is generally worn up in simple fashion, skin is pale due to a lifetime service in Cinderstone, prefers to keep skin unblemished and clean for her masters

Facial Features

Sharp face, pale eyebrows

Identifying Characteristics

Brands on lower back that shows all her previous owners.

Physical quirks

Always maintains proper posture, confident walk and is able to stand very still for long periods of time as she attends to her masters.

Special abilities


Apparel & Accessories

Prefers whites and grays, no make-up and few little in the way of jewelry. Wears formal clothing when possible and always tries to keep her outfits clean for her masters

Specialized Equipment

Often carries a ledger to record her masters' wishes and to track progress on projects

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Brielle served various different masters in Ciderstone until her latest Durager master gifted her to a surface dwelling dwarven paladin named Sandig as a gratitude in exchange for saving his life from ogres.


Straight Female (note- Brielle has very little interest in sexuality outside of what may be required of her by any master)


Early education at the temple of the Chain Maker. Language and vocational studies with the Durager families and Slavers' Guild

Accomplishments & Achievements

Serving the temple of the Chain Maker is incredibly praise worthy in Cinderstone. Being elevated to position Chamberlain within the Slavers' Guild is another monumental accomplishment as well.

Failures & Embarrassments

The constant attempts by her current master, Sandig, to grant her freedom are frustrating to her. To her sounds similar to being cast out which is the fate of many unwanted slaves in Cinderstone

Intellectual Characteristics

Very logical in her approach to situations. That logic is based on Cinderstone views of slavery and might though.

Morality & Philosophy

Enslavement is the natural state for a lesser being. She believes that all weak things yearn to be ruled. She believes that violence and death are of equal value to diplomacy.


Ending slavery, speaking ill of the Chain Maker

Personality Characteristics


Validation from current master

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Language, organizational skills, diplomacy, business

Likes & Dislikes

Likes- Cleanliness, respect given to her masters, compliments on her work, fruit   Dislikes- Disorder in the home, disrespect toward her masters, sunlight


Unless instructed otehrwise by her masters she will keep herself and her home at peak cleanliness


Religious Views

Strong faith in Eliphas the Chain Maker

Social Aptitude

Poor. She chooses not to interact in social situations unless brought along as her masters
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Shoulder length pale blond
Known Languages
The Common Tongue, Balespeak, Orc, Dwarven
"Learn to love the lash"


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